Get Your TBR List Ready!

It’s January 2017. Get Your TBR List Ready

I haven’t written this post in a few months and I made a blog resolution (if you want to call it that) to keep this list to 5 books or less. Looking back on previous TBR List posts, I didn’t read many of the books I was initially curious about and so maybe a culled list will help me stay on track this year. Also, I’m not the be-all, end-all for new releases (there are better informed blogs for that), so who knows if something else comes out that I want to read instead. My moody reading hasn’t changed but I made sure to put these books on hold right away at my library. Blurbs and links from Goodreads.


Difficult Women – Roxane Gay (Jan. 3/ 272 p./ Grove Press) Short stories about women from Roxane Gay. Not much more needed to sell me about this collection.

“A collection of stories of rare force and beauty, of hardscrabble lives, passionate loves, and quirky and vexed human connection.”

Idaho – Emily Ruskovich (Jan. 3/ 320p./ Random House) A complicated relationship between husband, wife, and first wife told in multiple perspectives sounds promising.

Idaho is a debut novel about love, forgiveness, and memory—the violence of memory, and the equal violence of its loss.

The Animators – Kayla Rae Whitaker (Jan. 13/ 384p./ Random House) Sharon and Mel, who meet in college, have a shared passion for art and this debut explores how their personal lives affect their friendship and careers.

“An engrossing, exuberant ride through all the territories of love—familial, romantic, sexual, love of friends, and, perhaps above all, white-hot passion for the art you were born to make.”

Human Acts – Han King (Jan. 17/ 224p./ Hogarth) I missed King’s The Vegetarian which my friends had mixed reviews about and will try to get to this one this month.

In the midst of a violent student uprising in South Korea, a young boy named Dong-ho is shockingly killed. The story of this tragic episode unfolds in a sequence of interconnected chapters as the victims and the bereaved encounter suppression, denial, and the echoing agony of the massacre.”

What new releases are you looking forward to in January?


6 thoughts on “It’s January 2017. Get Your TBR List Ready

  1. I saw The Animators in the catalog and it piqued my interest a bit…will be interested to hear your thoughts.

    And I just posted my review of Idaho…I think I’m in the minority on this one.

  2. Roxanne Gay is coming to one of my favorite “local” bookstores and I was hoping to go see her but may not be able to make it due to a conflict. But I’m still looking forward to this new read from her. Also just pushed Idaho up my list due to Shannon’s review, but haven’t read Sarah’s yet, so it will be an interesting take from the other side of the coin!

  3. Like you my reading is still moody as hell. I admire anyone who’s reading weighty, important books right now, but I’m not there. I love Paul Auster and he has his first new novel in 7 years coming out in 2 weeks but I started it and just…couldn’t.

    I’m mostly reading backlist and am finding it’s working for me. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Idaho. Book bloggers seem to be falling into two very different camps!

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