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I’ve seen the “Lately” and “Currently” posts on blogs and since I missed my Miscellaneous Monday yesterday, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Reading…I just picked up All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood at the library and hope to start it soon.

Listening…to Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. I’m loving it and not sure why I’ve been neglecting another source for reading that can fit into my travel time. I’m traveling to work and to the kiddos’ activities and all the audio books I’ve put on hold have finally come in. It’s my first Ann Patchett and think I will be reading her backlist very, very soon.

Making…roasted Pumpkin seeds. I’m the only one who’ll eat them in my house but it’s a personal tradition and I can’t pass up.

Watching…the Cubs. A grand slam just went down and I hope not to jinx anything with this post. I feel as though I can hear all the hopeful fans cheering like crazy.

Eating…way too much Halloween candy. I feel sick.

Loving…this weather. Long may it last.

Researching and thinking about…Alzheimers. Sadly, my closest aunt (and only aunt in this country) has just been diagnosed and I’ve spent the past five weeks figuring this out with family. She won’t read this so I don’t feel as though I’m betraying her personal life. She is the person in our family who reminisces the most treasured parts of our past and I feel as though it’s a terrible blow to her. And as if an era has ended. She moved to this country when I was born and has been a second mother to me and my sisters, having no children of her own. The fun aunt. The crazy aunt. The aunt you can tell your secrets too. Never judges. Always the cheerleader. Always encouraging. It’s terrifying, sad, shocking and jarring. Much of my mind and emotions have been with her as we navigate this uncertain time. I already hate the disease so much.

Feeling…tired. It’s no surprise as I’ve been absent a lot on this blog. Finding the work/family/leisure balance has been challenging but I’m figuring it out. Slowly.

Writing…on blogs. I finally took some time to comment today. I’m reading them and enjoy hearing what you are all up to.

Wondering…if I can make this space a more balanced reflection of my life. While it’s always been predominately about books, I have squeezed in other topics here and there. I don’t want to ever make it really personal, but I did find Friday’s post a much needed release. It was scary to open up and at the same time freeing.

Happy…I voted early.

Needing…a proper vacation. My school work schedule is different from my daughters’ school schedule so we’ll have to see.

Hoping…to participate in Nonfiction November this month. My NF reading has been pathetic this year but maybe I can squeeze in a few.

Planning…an end of the year reading list. I’ve missed some cherished reading time with my foggy brain and I’ve also missed some great releases. But there are a handful that I’m going to try and really focus on before years end. I’ll organize it in the next few days.

One little phrase…happy to be here.



4 thoughts on “Lately/Currently

  1. Happy to have you here! I love these posts, so I’m really glad you did one. I think I have All the Ugly around here and was so psyched to read it and now I don’t even know where I put it. Hope it’s a good one for you, maybe that will move me to find it and push it up the stack.

    I have only read two Patchett’s, Bel Canto and The Patron Saint of Liars. I read Patron Saint what feels like decades ago, but remember loving it so much that it has passed every book cull since. Of course, I couldn’t tell you what it’s even about now, but some day I will reread it!

    Yum, pumpkin seeds.

    Yay, Cubs!

    So sorry to hear about your Aunt. It feels silly to say “what a horrible disease,” for there are few diseases that make you want to say “Yay, disease,’ but Alzheimer’s feels particularly cruel to me. Hoping for the best for you and your Aunt.

    I’m not going to end on that down note, so here is hoping you find balance enough to take that vacation some day soon!

    Hang in.

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