On a personal note...

Miscellaneous Monday…on a Tuesday


Just when I think I’m getting my act together, I get my days mixed up! Oh well…here’s what’s going on in my world bookish and not so bookish…

Reading…I had to return a bunch of library books that were on hold for others and didn’t attack my own personal stack as I would have liked. So I’m trying to focus on reading books I’ve checked out instead of what’s on my shelves already. Who knows when I’ll get another crack at them. I finished The Book That Matters Most, which is a nice selection for book groups and the story’s premise is a great idea for book groups as well. I Will Send Rain was also a recent read and opened my eyes to The Dust Bowl of the 1930s. After reading it, I looked at so many videos and photos online. The writing truly captures the horrendous life many of the people went through. I just started Siracusa and curious to see where it goes.

Watching…Some new shows. This Is Us is fantastic. I don’t watch many network shows, but this one hooked me from the first episode. If you haven’t seen it, you must find a way to watch it from the beginning. It’s only two episodes in, so you have time. Timeless caught my eye as well, so I watched the first episode. It has potential. We’ll see. I have also been watching The Voice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alicia Keys and the blind auditions are so fun. I don’t watch many “competition” shows all the way through (except maybe The Worst Cooks In America). I’ll check out the first few episodes and then watch the finale. I’m a weirdo like that and can’t commit to all of the in-between. Also, the debates. But they exhaust me and I end up getting so upset that people actually believe Trump is a viable option. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. Whatever you think about politics is your right and I’m open to hear you voice your feelings about issues that matter to you. I have family and friends who differ greatly on the issues that matter to me. And we still love one another. But to even entertain Trump as the possible leader of our country is scaring me. I’ll stop before I need to curl up and rock myself.

Loving…opportunities to nurture my book geekiness. My lovely friend who I worked with at the library told me about an event at Ravinia through the Chicago Botanical Gardens featuring different speakers, the first being Cheryl Strayed. She asked if I was interested and I responded by getting tickets. There’s nothing better than sharing quality time with solid friends and doing something that fills you up. Listening to Cheryl speak about her life with warmth, humor and candor was everything I thought it would be. It was like listening to an episode of Dear Sugar in the flesh. My favorite lines of hers:

Why is this so fucking hard and why am I so stupid?” – She needed one more college class to get her degree and chose Latin. But she said she does this with everything in her life. I could so relate!

I didn’t start as Charles Manson and end as the Buddha.” – On her life journey.

Feeling…sick. When it rains, it pours. It could not be more true with the past few months of my life. Burning myself out on both ends didn’t pay off with getting more accomplished. Instead, not taking care of myself enough, resulted in a terrible virus which has lasted a few weeks. I’m learning. Self-care has to be #1 on the list. Always.

Laughing…at the #3fictionalcharacters photos on Instagram. I had to play along.

Hoping…to get a book review or two up on the blog this week or next. I’ve read a few that I want to share with readers and miss this space of gushing over books. My October TBR list post is a bit late, but it’s coming as well. I tend to wind down the new releases TBR list in the coming months and plan to spend them reading books I’ve missed this year. Maybe even get in a few backlist from years past.

One little word…*cough*





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