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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

I took last week off. With going back to work full time, I needed to get my head in the teacher game. I know it’s only a week in, but I haven’t loved a job this much in a very long time.

Reading…Aside from about 30 IEPs, teacher lesson plans, numerous curriculum sites and district policies galore? I’m still reading The Book of Joy. I lurve it so and read a few pages every morning before I go to work. It sets my mind and attitude just right before heading off into the school world. I’m almost halfway through The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood. I picked it up, not really planning to at BEA, and it’s a great summer, “lighter” read. But I’m finding this book-about-books, relationships and friendships, not very light at times.  And then…I got an email from the delightful Catherine saying I need to drop everything and read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. I trust her and we have similar favorites, so I just started it last night. The writing is gorgeous!

And yes, I am reading all of your blogs. I just need to start commenting again.

Thinking…about teaching and all the hats I have started wearing every day. The group of kids I work with are challenging and promising. I started a picture diary of my days on Instagram and hope I can remember to post one every day. Here, here, here and here are the first four days.

Watching…Parks & Rec. Yes, still. Not much watching is going on right now at my house. I realized that with everything going on, something had to give. And it’s television of any kind.

Needing…a personal trainer or someone to come to my house and get me going. I have amazing intentions to get my butt in shape and then it’s 11pm and I’m going to bed.

Three words…tired yet energized.


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Wishing I had an ARC of A Gentleman in Moscow SO HARD after hearing from Catherine…alas I will have to wait 😦

  2. There’s nothing wrong with doling out the Parks and Rec on the slow side. I miss that gang, especially my beloved Ron Swanson. And that’s something, when a vegan woman is in love with a carnivore of Ron’s stature. 😉

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