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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

ReadingDo Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco and it’s fabulous! I’m a total yogi and spent a year in 2012 getting my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate – RYT200. This book makes yoga accessible to the everyday person. I was trained by traditional yogis in the Himalayan method. While they can be strict, they understand how much it’s evolved since Westerners got their hands on yoga. This book honors the traditional, original purpose of yoga – the mind/body/soul connection while at the same time is humorous about how not to take it too seriously.

Feeling…excited that this is my last week of summer school. I have about 10 hours of online work to complete and one last, big project to submit. And then I’m done!! I can feel my personal reading picking up already. Now time to find that awesome job.

Thinking…about my career. I should have posted this in the morning after I went for a walk and felt optimistic. But later in the day I got a rejection email about a position I really, really wanted. It put me in such a funk for the rest of the day but I have to keep plugging along. Something (I hope) will turn up.

Wanting…the DNC to repeat again this week. I don’t know how you feel about politics, but for me, it was such an uplifting and powerful week of phenomenal speeches, heartwarming tributes to loved ones and history being made. Every night I went to bed charged and hopeful. I also stayed off social media where any badmouthing occurred. That probably helped.

One little word…August

Already!! My August TBR of new releases will be up tomorrow and I know it will be a better reading month than June and July was for me. I’ll be catching up on books that I missed and will be picking up new ones I’m excited for.



3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Sorry you didn’t get the position you wanted. I know how that sucks, despite wanting to keep your chin up and believe the right thing will come along. It will. Hang in there! I hate politics, but I did watch much of the DNC, and while I don’t want to watch again, I agree that it helped me feel a bit better about the state of the world and the coming election. I hope that lasts more than a few days. 🙂

  2. That sucks about the position, but hopefully it makes way for better things. And yay for the end of summer school!

    Some of the DNC speeches were amazing, much needed. I was just having lunch with a friend today, saying I don’t understand the true depth of the HRC hate and that I hoped that it wasn’t because she was a woman in power (but that I think it’s a large part of it). To me, the two candidates are not comparable, one is much worse than the other.

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