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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

ReadingWhy They Run the Way They Do by Susan Perabo. I had to return Allegheny Front. I just couldn’t stay with it. It was really a decent collection (from what I finished) but for some reason nothing is holding my attention. I wouldn’t say I’m in a reading slump…I’m just distracted. Which leads me to…

Feeling…very, very tired. I’m writing this post at 8:30pm and there is not much more to share. I don’t know what I was thinking to take two condensed classes over the summer. Oh yes, I know what I was thinking, “I just want to be done with post-graduate classes, so I’ll take two.” All of my creative ideas for posts are on the backburner with all the homework and projects I have to get done this month. And I don’t have any reviews to write since I haven’t finished a book in weeks. So, I’m floundering with the blog, but I want to stay connected so here I am.

I also read this post this morning on The Steadfast Reader and feel 150% the same way about social media right now. Reading about politics, devastating crime and other news events in my feeds is not working well with my psyche. I’ve been quiet and trying not to read the comments. I have to unplug but that doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts and that I don’t care. I’m voicing my thoughts in my personal circles, with family and within my community, and that itself has been exhausting when friends I’ve cared about and have known for years feel very differently. That’s also been exhausting and sadly eye-opening. It’s made me reflective and seek out those who share similar thoughts. And I’m fortunate to have family and many friends who share in my feelings. I’m going to focus my time and relationships on them.

Thinking…about Duran Duran. Ha! what a turn of thoughts. But I did finally see them this weekend with my sister and her grade school friends and IT WAS AMAZING. (Here and here are some delicious pics).They were the first band that I was obsessed with and took me about 30 years to finally get to a show. They didn’t disappoint and I’ve been watching old videos feeling very nostalgic. When I was a tween, my walls were covered with their posters and any money I saved up went to buying 80s magazines just to read about them and tear out the posters. Live music is the best, especially when the set list can pinpoint major events in your life. Chic opened for them and they were incredible also!

One little word…G’night.



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