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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

ReadingAllegheny Front by Matthew Neill Null. It’s a collection of short stories that are gritty and opened with a bang-literally. They are quite dense and very atmospheric set in a place I have no reference to, which is making me feel dumb. I’m pushing myself to continue because the writing is fantastic. “This panoramic collection of stories traces the people and animals who live in precarious balance in the mountains of Appalachia over a span of two hundred years, in a disappearing rural world with omniscient narration, rich detail, and lyrical prose.”

Listening…to saws, drills and hammers. Please may it continue at a steady pace. Aaaand now the doorbell…he has to leave. To go somewhere. I don’t know where. I shut down after he said “So tomorrow…” Serenity Now!

Loving…and not loving this article. For some reason I could swear that Roxane Gay’s new book, Hunger, was coming out this month. Regardless, it’s been pushed back to next year. Also next year is a collection of short stories! So good and bad news.

Thinking…I need to wrap up this post and start my new online class. It begins today and is only six weeks, which means double the work. Bear with me this month as posts might just get few and far between. But not the reading. Hopefully, not the reading.

Watching…the Olympic trials as well as returning back to a series I started many months ago, Parks and Recreation. I love it so, so much.

Wanting…to animal/bird watch all day. I spent many hours as a kid observing animal antics. This move, with a home backed to nature, has been the best thing for my soul. I’ve posted some sightings here, here, here and here on Instagram. My favorite has been this video I took while taking the dog out. It reminded me of a scene from Jurassic Park and it scared the fur off of my 70lb. dog. I’ve dusted off my camera and am taking photos everyday, which is really fun.

One little word…balance.

What are you reading and what’s new with you?



10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

    • Shannon, I’m only one class in and already it’s infuriating. It’s about assessment. The discrepancies, reliability, validity, etc when it comes to ESL/ELL is alarming. Very similar to SpEd. Thought of you and your program.

  1. Holy crap, it’s like pterodactyl central back there. Forgot to tell you how much I love the header image for this post. I want to climb into it. Keep us posted on your read, it sounds interesting!

  2. Hunger was supposed to come out this month. I think I read an interview with her where she said it was a really difficult book for her to write and it took a lot longer than she expected.

  3. I’m taking a condensed class this month (at the University of Virginia). It’s 5 full days and the reading list has to be completed before the start of class (1000+ pages of the most boring – history of bibliography – information I’ve come across in a good long while). May yours be better than mine!

    Also, I’m jealous of all of that nature!

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