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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

ReadingEleven Hours by Pamela Erens. So far , pretty great. I also have to mention Beasts & Children again because it was so amazing and really want to spread the word about this incredible debut collection of linked stories.

Loving…my last week being schoolwork free. Next week I begin another ESL class that is only six weeks, which means the work will be double. Then in July I’m taking a second ESL class (also condensed). This week I am reading as much as I can for pleasure because who knows when I’ll come up for air from all the work.

Listening...still to Counting by 7s. It’s so sad and very hilarious. The combination of both makes it quite the roller-coaster. Not to scare too many people off though, because the characters are worth every feel.
T coloring

Finished…my first “adult” coloring sheet while listening to the audio with the kids. It was very meditative but I’m not an artist by any means so it was also a bit stressful in picking colors. Not sure if it will stick but while listening to a book, I’d do it again.

Wanting…this deck project over with. I can’t take another day of it. But I have to because I want it done. Never again will I stray away from my trusted handyman I’ve known for over 10 years. Never again. And next time a friend recommends someone who does great work I will pay attention to the warning that “he is amazing but very slow”. Ugh!

One little word…unscheduled.






2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Argh. It kills me that I have Beasts & Children sitting here and can’t get to it. If it’s not at the top of my “must read when I can read what I want rather than what’s due” list, it’s very damn close. I’m also very curious about Eleven Hours, so look forward to your thoughts on that one. Hope the deck is done soon!

  2. It sounds like that “end of summer” feeling is upon you — the part where you know school is just around the corner. Glad you’re reading up a storm in advance!

    You’re gonna rock those classes.

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