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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

ReadingSo Much For That Winter: Novellas by Dorthe Nors and Beasts & Children: Stories by Amy Parker. The Novellas are written in list format and it should work because I love a good list. Just not sure I can make it through as a story. We’ll see. And the short stories are gorgeously written and quite bizarre. I’m only a few in but it’s such an interesting and dark collection of familial Americana.

Watching…I’ve gone back to Netflix because regular TV is just awful. I watched the first two seasons of Togetherness and really enjoyed it. I’ve also needed a good laugh, so Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, has been the perfect medicine. It’s available for streaming on Crackle. The Julia Louis-Dreyfus episode made me laugh, smile and happy to see them back together again, so I might start Veep this week. Anyone watch these shows?

Also watchingSebastian Maniscalco. I’ve watched his videos online over and over. While I’m not Sicilian, I can totally relate to a lot of his Italian upbringing stories. Not so much my parents, but close relatives who are blunt, matter-of-fact, strict and no nonsense. Sebastian references his childhood in much of his acts but also talks a lot about his difficulty dealing with people’s stupidity. I totally get his hang-ups. He’s the same age as me and grew up in Chicago. Definitely watch without kids around.

glassesLoving…these little glasses my friend bought me as a housewarming gift. I strive for a “half full” motto. It doesn’t always work but a little beverage in these glasses definitely helps.

Wanting…to avoid news and media at all costs. It’s tough to do because I want to stay informed of what’s going on in the world but lately I find myself having very adverse reactions to politics, injustice and tragedy in the world. I want to go back into my little bubble, back to a time when I was just a kid. Back to a time when my kids were very little and I had to mostly worry about how I was caring for them: enough food, enough sleep, cover outlets, kiss a boo-boo…that sort of thing. Now they have questions and as educated as I am, I have no answers that make sense. I hate the world they are growing up in and want to just move to an island. When I was little my mom said she couldn’t get me away from watching Sesame Street and especially Mr. Rogers. She said I was glued to his every word. I make sure I share with my kids some of the amazing and kind words he said. Yes, they might be a bit corny in today’s sarcastic and cynical world (I am at times) but I truly think instilling kindness, empathy and compassion at a young age makes a huge difference and is what’s lacking in some of the people I’m completely disgusted with in the world. I’ll stop my ramble now.


One little word…hope.



2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. I hear you about avoiding the news and media, Marisa. After this weekend I freely admit, I’m done and I’d rather be sane and ignorant than have tension and anger chew through my stomach. I’ll respond when I need to but I can’t stand this anymore.

    Given all that you MUST start watching Veep. Go back to Season 1 and allow yourself the profane joy that is Julia and a cast of writers that excels at saying everything we want to. I read recently that she said (about the show) that she thought they were doing a parody but with Trump and this election is now feels like a “sombre documentary”. Yeah…

  2. Oooh I have Beasts & Children on my shelf waiting for the perfect rainy day to be read. I just started watching Orange Is The New Black and am LOVING IT. I’ll have to tell me husband about the Jerry Seinfeld show, as he is a HUGE Seinfeld fan.

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