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The Bittersweet Departure of Working in a Library

Today is my last day working in a library. Two years ago, I accepted a position at my local, public library and was ecstatic. That word doesn’t even express how I felt when offered the position. As a little girl, the first job I ever wanted was to work in a library, surrounded by books and literature. But like all great things, this journey has come to an end as I reassessed my career and future. Having older children and one starting high school really sealed the deal to move on. My background has been in education and I’ve been working on my ESL endorsement, so with all this fresh knowledge and a lingering passion for education, saying goodbye is a bittersweet feeling.

The Bitter:

  • Not being around books all day.
  • Not being in a library all day.
  • Unpacking new releases and untouched books was a thrill.
  • Helping to solve bookish problems, next reads, read-alikes, recommendations in person and promoting literacy was a true joy and probably a favorite of the job.
  • My co-workers are some of the best people. Not seeing them everyday will be tough.
  • Zero commute (15 minutes at best).
  • Zero summer income.
  • Leaving one of the most beautiful environments I’ve ever worked in.
library photos

These photos don’t do this “green” library any justice. Surrounded by a prairie with a butterfly garden and gorgeous nature views.

The Sweet:

  • Not being around books all day. This sounds crazy right? But being a complete bookish freak and surrounded by books has been very distracting these past two years. I’m constantly looking at what I could be reading and it gives me anxiety. 🙂 Like working in a bakery (if that’s your thing). Why I’ve never worked there either.
  • Walking into the library now and being able to browse and pick up a book at whim.
  • Return to teaching.
  • Better schedule for me and my family.
  • Not working with the general public. This is tough. While there have been many great patrons who have walked through the doors, there were always those few who really made me dislike the human race as a whole.
  • Excitement (and trepidation) of what my career future holds.

So no more library posts but maybe more education ones in relation to literature. I’m so excited for the summer to begin and finish up my schooling. And yes…having more time to read (for a few months at least).

9 thoughts on “The Bittersweet Departure of Working in a Library

  1. What a beautiful spot for a library!
    And, yes, I can see why being around so many books all day could cause anxiety over wanting to read them all. 🙂
    Good luck on your new career path!

  2. I think most bookish people (myself included) think that it would be great to work at a library. But I can certainly understand the tough parts too!

    Good luck with your transition. 🙂

  3. That’s a very pretty spot for the library. It looks like a quaint barn. There’s nothing remotely like that where I live.

    “there were always those few who really made me dislike the human race as a whole” — Hahaha. This made me laugh. I’m less generous than you; that’s how I feel about most humans I meet.

  4. I love your library! I used to work in a bookstore and i loved and hated it for all the reasons you mentioned. Best of luck with your new plans!

  5. Change is hard, but good! It’s nice you are able to re-evaluate and figure out what’s next. Also nice that for at least awhile, you got to work your childhood dream job! And that library looks absolutely gorgeous – wish my local one looked even a tiny bit that nice!

  6. I totally get this! My favorite of working in a public library was when I volunteered in Tech Services because I got to see the newest books. My hold list exploded!

    I did not do well with the public (are you surprised?!) so was glad I never had to work in Circulation. I would have gotten in trouble for telling people to shut up and pay the fine. 😉

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