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Miscellaneous Monday

miscell monday

My daughter brought home her 5th grade journal today and every month they wrote five or six things “currently” on their mind. I loved reading it and have seen several other bloggers write something similar now and again. I decided that I would do my own version of “miscellaneous” happenings here on the blog on Mondays after coming off of a weekend where it is typically quiet and give me an outlet to ramble about books and other stuff.

ReadingForty Rooms by Olga Grushin and it’s slaying me. I love Literary Fiction and am up for a challenge if the writing is stylistically different. This one combines the style/feeling of short stories mixed with something I have difficulty with, poetry. Loving it so much and not wanting the book to end.

Listening…to as much Reggae as possible (it always improves my mood) and Sia. I have loved her since her song was used in the finale of Six Feet Under in 2005 (spoiler!) and when she didn’t hide her face as she does now. This one (despite the title-even though I have a personal connection to bad exes with issues) is one of my faves on KCRW in 2007.

Thinking…about all the homework I have to finish in the next three weeks.

Wanting…the contractor to get started on our deck. We have a beautiful view and much nature to observe. I’m itching to sit outside with a book and a beverage.

Needing…this week to be over. Even though I try to not wish time away, it’s a crazy, jam-packed one and the last week of my current job (more about that later). I’m ready to begin the next chapter of my career journey, finish up school and spend more time with my girls this summer.

One little word…anticipating.

How’s your Monday looking for you?


7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Don’t toy with me- are you really loving Forty Rooms?! I wanted to marry that book! I raved about it and until April came along everyone else was, ‘meh, it’s weird’. Aren’t the words beautiful? I could have reviewed it in nothing but quotes pulled from the book. Oh, and when it ends, I guarantee you will just sit looking at the page. Could not be more perfect.

    Also, I’m a freak for Six Feet Under but can’t remember the finale song. Remember the finale because I sobbed through it, but Sia?! Now I need to watch it again.

    Here’s hoping everything that you want to happen fast will and the rest will slow down so you can enjoy.

    • Thanks Catherine for the lovely wishes. Ok…Forty Rooms…I’ve given up on flags and began taking screenshots of entire pages. I may even end up buying this one, that’s how much I love it. I’m STILL reading it because I don’t want it to end…it’s one of those. Also, this is the kind of book that made me want to start blogging. I have no friends in real life who would like this but in the book blogisphere I know there has to be others who would want to ingest and lick the pages and squeal over a book with me. I brings up so much introspection that I want to hug and punch Grushin in the face. Ahhhhhhh!! 🙂

      • I KNOW!! This is a get-together-with-other-women-who-loved-it book. Oh, and have wine. My review had almost more quotes pulled from the book than my own words- I loved it that much. 5 stars and yet I’ve heard more negative than positive about it.

        I have a copy and would love to meet Grushin but she didn’t tour the U.S. for this book. So glad it’s impacting you the same way. Maybe readers will listen to you more than me and people will start reading this book!

    • Shannon!!!! Please do. I only know of three on the blogisphere who adored it and it’s one of those books that some will love and some will hate. I can’t take this book. I just can’t and need your bright, intelligent way with words to comprehend. xo

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