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Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

I’m just returning from a little road trip to Wisconsin Dells with the family for Spring Break, so the blog was quiet at the beginning of this week. I’m back to work tomorrow and instead of scheduling a bunch of posts before the trip, I thought I would just catch up after since I really didn’t know what I was going to read or do while gone. I also didn’t want to mention being out of town while actually out of town. Let’s just say I’ve watched one too many Dateline episodes lately.

On this trip, I decided to stay off social media and my phone as much as possible which allowed me to read so much more. A novel idea!

  • I haven’t been to Wisconsin Dells in probably 30 years and nothing looked familiar. The downtown resembled this vintage town morphed with enormous amusement hotel sites. So weird to me but the kids loved it. We decided to stay at Wilderness and all the walking definitely took me over my 10,000 steps per day. After two days of being surrounded by gallons of chlorine and people watching I had to get outside and into some nature for the good of the entire family. The nice thing about Wilderness is the accessibility to trails and nature outside of the resort. On vacations, I am also the go-to person in the family to plan excursions and I remembered loving the Ducks tour as a child, so we did the same. Listening to all the cheesy tour guide jokes and learning some Wisconsin Dells history while in nature made for a great recharge.
  • While on my mini vacay, I was alerted via WP that my site will be renewed. So that’s three years for this site! It’s been a journey and the best part is talking about books and meeting all sorts of great people. The fact that it’s only a bullet on this list instead of a post is giving me pause. Have I lost my celebratory edge? Anywho…WOO HOO 3 years!
  • Reviews have been very few this year and I’m not sure how to proceed and need your input. You see, I’ve been reading A LOT of short story collections since the beginning of the year -while I was taking classes, while reading other books, while binge watching TV/Movies and while catching up with podcasts. Basically all the time. So how do I review them? I don’t want to clump them all into mini reviews since they are all so different. Shorts take me much longer to read because when one story ends, I need time to process a bit, especially if it left me hanging and confused. Unless they are linked. Ah, bookish problems. Maybe I’ll just do separate posts. Thanks for the help! Three I’m still working on and have much to say about…
  • Are any of you on Snapchat? I only signed up since my teen asked for an account and I wanted to see what the hype was before opening up that can of social media worms. I don’t think I’m using it correctly since all I use it for is the crazy faces. The face swap is so bizarre and scary. Seriously, another time suck app out there, but the kids and I are having a laugh on mine.


Animal in past life? Barbies and dolls marketed for girls are not made to resemble an actual human.-yikes!

  • I’m still on the recipe finding mission that is: easy to make, doesn’t require ingredients I’ll never use again and actually tastes good. So I was pleased that this Spring Vegetable Soup with Orzo by Weight Watchers turned out yummy. I also added shredded rotisserie chicken to the soup. The kids didn’t care for the stronger taste the asparagus gave it but I thought it was great. The dill and lemon juice added such a lovely fresh flavor. Perfect for the Spring season.
Spring Soup WW

WW Spring Vegetable Soup With Orzo

  • Last Bookish post I mentioned some shows I wanted to watch on Netflix. I’m such a moody reader/watcher/everything and decided to check out what I had saved on my DVR first. I’ve lost recordings before and have Netflix all the time so I caught up with Billions. Do any of you watch this? It’s crazy good and the cast is stellar. Paul Giamatti goes without saying and I fell in love with Damian Lewis when he was on Homeland (another favorite). But Maggie Siff is my girl. She was excellent on Sons of Anarchy and glad to see her command the screen once again. You might think it’s about two men trying to be top dog but Maggie Siff IS the show (imo) and the corruption, greed, twists and kinky dark secrets is enough to bug your eyes out.
  • Aaand I’ve been listening to some new audios: Serial season two podcast and Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Reading (listening to) Just Mercy was in response to Kerry’s Social Justice Book Club Discussion post. I’ve been wanting to read it since a coworker told me how much she couldn’t stop listening to it and Kerry’s post came at the perfect time for me. I really enjoyed Serial’s first season and couldn’t wait to see what season two would bring. Having my head in the clouds these past few months meant that I missed it coming out in December 2015 but the good thing about being late to the party is that I can binge listen to the podcast. My husband and I listened to it while driving to and from the Dells (kids were safely plugged in elsewhere) and he got hooked. Not being a reader, I was trying to find something we cold both listen to. It’s not a feel good series but riveting to say the least.

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8 thoughts on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

  1. I downloaded Snapchat for about a second just to play around with those filters, haha. Those things are crazy! But fun! I donʻt entirely get the appeal, but I think that just means Iʻm getting old.

    I am such a moody everything, too. I have a whole list of things I want to watch on Netflix, but just havenʻt gotten around to it because Iʻm not in the mood. Then I end up just rewatching The Office and Parks & Recreation for the billionth time.

    • Not old, just occupied with other (and better) things. 🙂 I can rewatch episodes of The Office, Seinfeld and favorite movies before starting something new. I just started Parks and Rec and really enjoying it.

  2. I haven’t done Snapchat…or even Instagram. Being on Facebook and Twitter is about all I can manage…LOL.

    I do love Netflix, though, and spend more time there than I should…probably.

    I did watch a couple of episodes of Billions…it was okay, but some other shows won out, so I removed it from my DVR. Maybe I should rethink that.

    When I review a short story collection, I usually try to mention whatever theme pulls the stories together (if any), and then spotlight a couple of stories.


    • Thanks Laurel for the tip! I can’t manage much social media these days, getting burned out by most of it. I didn’t get into Billions until 3rd or 4th episode. I know what you mean though about Netflix, there are so many great series to get sucked into!

  3. I’ve been trying out Snapchat for a bit (rivercityreadng) and finally feel like I’m getting some sense of it, though it was a big mess at first.

    Glad to see you’re reading Just Mercy. I love that book so much!

    • Ha! I big mess is a good description of me on most new apps/social media. It’s funny that my kids are my tech tutors these days. I hope to continue with Just Mercy soon -my audio loan ran out and I wasn’t able to renew it but when I listened to was excellent.

  4. I loved Sons of Anarchy. Maggie Siff brought a lot to that show. And I love love Homeland. Damian Lewis also brought a lot to that show, and I’ve liked him since I saw Band of Brothers way back. Homeland and The Walking Dead are my two favorite current shows. I’m looking forward to seeing Billions. I really liked the movie Too Big to Fail, so I’ll probably like Billions.

    • Hi Alex. It’s really good. I didn’t get hooked until the 3rd or 4th episode and then really got invested in the story and the characters. Maggie Siff is great and hope she sticks around longer in this series (she’s always getting killed off!).

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