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A Day In The Life…

This is my first year participating in “A Day In The Life” blogger event hosted by Trish at Love, Laughter and Insanity. The event is about “celebrating our differences and finding our similarities. Here’s to sharing a little piece of our own “behind the scenes” and connecting with someone else on a deeper level. Here’s to coming together as a community. Here’s to cheesy music in my head and group hugs.”


I’m trying to reach out more personally this year, with friends, family and the blogging community. Here we go:

6:00am. Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Repeat about 3 more times.

6:20am-ish. Get out of bed and make sure 13 year-old is also getting up for school. Wash up (I don’t shower every day), check weather to see what layers I will be wearing in Illinois, Hair/Make-up/Dress.

7:00am-ish. Make it downstairs. Let the dog out and feed her. Get my coffee going. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars are for the kids that I made last night with fresh strawberries. Here is is similar recipe. Couldn’t find a link from the cookbook. Chat with eldest, feed the cat and watch a bit of morning local news.

7:25am. Drive daughter to bus stop. Usually we walk but it’s rainy and cold.

7:35am. Wake up the 11 year-old. Return downstairs to make my breakfast of Vanilla/Banana Smoothie in a blender thingy. Get second child’s breakfast plated. Read a section from The Cities I’ve Never Lived In. Check in on WP blog reader, read posts and make comments. Maybe check some social media but not today. Pack bags and a lunch for myself. Chat with daughter about the day. Make sure she has everything because she needs a few gentle reminders.

8:30am. Leave for the day. Drive daughter to school. Since we moved to a new neighborhood, her school changed but her home school is letting her finish off her 5th grade year. Sit in queue with other zombie parents and hope the line moves quickly.

8:50am. Head to work at library branch where I’ve been working for almost two years as a Library Literacy Associate.

9:00am. Yes my commute is about 10-15 minutes. Arrive at work. Greet patrons waiting at the doors to open. Visit with coworkers. Pull expired holds, process new holds, backdate overnight drop, and take first shift at front desk. Front desk shift: help customers place holds, answer phone calls, greet preschoolers and parents for storytime, help people find books, attempt to check emails, figure out how to print 50 pages in the computer center, have someone argue about a .40 cent fine, another refuse to pay for a water damaged book, someone returns a single Audio CD in a ziplock bag, customer with “memory issues” returns to have me help her reset her password…again, answer questions about why the government doesn’t give us paper tax forms anymore, give computer pass to man who always smells like a skunk (Hmmm?), create a few new library cards, avoid nice man who lingers by front desk everyday hoping to chat about anything, visit with my favorite preschoolers who always stop by to say hi.

11:00am. Leave front desk and return to the back where I can actually return emails, set up school visits, laugh with coworkers about strange things found in books, write up shelf talker book recommendations, organize the Battle of the Books list for next school year, see which books came in for moi, have a break.

1:00pm. Walk the floors to organize display shelves, look at all the books I want to read, talk myself out of taking them home, get distracted by a People’s magazine, get ideas for future displays.

1:30pm. Head to the Main Library for a Summer Reading Program meeting. Listen to TED Radio Hour Podcast on the 20 minute drive. It’s an old post but one I needed to re-hear called Simply Happy.

3:00pm. Finish up at the Main Library. Chat with a few workers there. Head home.

3:30pm. Get home. Let the dog out. Change for GOTR. Pick up teenager (She’s a Junior Coach). We head over to younger daughter’s school to coach 25 eager runners.

3:45pm. Coach GOTR with team building and girl empowering exercises. Stretch, run for 30 minutes, process and feel energized.

5:30pm. Head out and pick up sub sandwiches because I don’t feel like cooking.

6:00pm. Take dog out and feed her. Lovingly serve up subs and talk about our day. Assist with homework and try to remember how to conjugate Spanish verbs.

8:00pm. Tell girls to shower while I clean up, tidy up the house a bit, check my emails, do some banking, do a happy dance because I don’t have to make lunches (1/2 day tomorrow), call Mother-in-Law to remind her she is hanging with the girls tomorrow while I do my split shift (evening shift to close), youngest tell me she has two more packets of homework to get through so reading/TV time is out for me.

9:00pm. Youngest gets in the shower. I look at the dog napping and wonder what she did all day. Get online to start this post. Get interrupted to comb out wet knotted hair without tugging the best I can. Put out a few argument fires between sisters, yell at them to go to bed (not really yelling but, you know) sit back down at the computer.

9:30pm. Take a computer break to kiss them goodnight and make them stop reading (what a crime!).

10:30pm. Get a text from hubby that he is just about home from being out of town. Sigh a big sigh of relief that nothing bad happened on his travels. Stop blogging to chat with him for a few. Post this and go to bed. Maybe get in a few pages of my book but will probably play Panda Pop and Trivia Crack on my phone.

I guess my life is not all that boring. Busy but definitely not boring. Sweet Dreams!




13 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. Oh, this was lovely. Truly. Your job sounds much like the job I had at the library for year, with a few differences. I nodded my head about all of the things when you were on the front desk and some of the others as well. And I remember helping my daughter get the knots out of her hair when she was that age. Thanks so much for sharing with us! It made me smile.

  2. Very fascinating day! I think it’s great to see how our day looks after we’ve written it out…we see things that we don’t notice as we just go through it. Not boring…and there are some very intriguing moments in there that reminded me of how much I love libraries.

    Thanks for sharing…and if you are interested, here’s my A DAY IN THE LIFE POST

    • So true about actually seeing what we do all day once it’s written out. I love that you get reading time in throughout the day. I’m working on finding more opportunities to curl up with a book like I used to.

  3. Busy is an understatement, I feel like day to day life like this can feel like a bit of a marathon, because so much involves getting others to do things in addition to taking care of ourselves. Next (school) year, my sons will be at the same school for the first time ever. So. Excited.

    And yay, library workers (even though I’m not in the public system anymore). I also find it weird that people think when a librarian is working is a good time to endlessly chat.

    • Marathon is a great word: ” so much involves getting others to do things in addition to taking care of ourselves.” how true this is. And what’s with the endless chatting? I’m all for being helpful and resolving bookish problems (something I’m really good at) but the random chatter was NOT on the job list when I took this position!

  4. Oh man–I got sucked into Trivia Crack…though now it’s Two Dots. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your day Marisa. As I have three little girls, some of your day gives me a glimpse into my future (I also had two sisters)–the fighting, the hair brushing, the yelling at them to go to bed.

    Had to snort at the .40 fee. I’m guilty of often returning my books back late but I just figure I’m helping fund the library. 😉

    • I’m not even going to look up what Two Dots is. Three little girls? Aren’t they so much fun? I am one of three girls, so I’m used to all the “drama”. It does get trying at times but so glad they have each other. And thanks for funding the library. 😉

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