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Day Three of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (Hosted by The Estella Society) is to “tell us all about the book or books you’ve read because of a book blogger.” On Monday they also talked about what superlative I would award different bloggers and so I’m mashing up the two topics.

All the book recs I get are from a multitude of sources: literary journals, co-workers, patrons at the library, non-blogger Goodreads friends with excellent and sometimes hilarious reviews, literary websites, podcasts and the little old lady who comes into the library with all of her books listed on index cards held together with a rubber band. She’s no joke, you guys!

But it’s BOOK BLOGGER appreciation week so I must focus. And there are a lot of you with really wonderful blogs and love for all things books, so this makes making a list hard. I’m going to highlight the bloggers who introduced me to a book that has become a favorite, or opened my eyes to a genre that I wouldn’t have tried if it wasn’t for their way with words. As much as I try to use things like Word Press Reader or Bloglovin’, they fail me often so these are also the blogs that I actually type into the address bar to see what they’re up to. This topic has made me want to do a better job of keeping track of where I hear about books because the ‘ol memory is lacking.


Shannon from River City Reading was one of the first bloggers I found here a few years back and her thoughts on Tiny Beautiful Things had me running to the store. I now love all things Cheryl Strayed especially her podcast and refer to that book as needed. There’s also When Women Were Birds. She sells me on nonfiction when I want to run the other way. Superlative: Coaxing me back into nonfiction while killing it with creative, original posts. She should just be the meme master.

Rory from Fourth Street Review is known for her love of darker fiction and Stephen King. A few years ago at BEA I asked her which SK to read knowing I like darker fiction-lite and Bag of Bones was perfect. Completely opposite, her mention of Summer Sisters also stayed in the back of my mind and I enjoyed that one as well. When I first started blogging, I had recipes, photos, music tie-ins. But…but. Rory does it seemlessly.  Superlative: Go for the book reviews but stay for the gorgeous photos, music/literature mash-ups and food/book connections.

Catherine from The Gilmore Guide to Books was asked (by me) to recommend one last book for 2014 that was on my hefty list. The Miniaturist kept me up all night turning pages feverishly. I still think about those characters. Superlative: Gorgeous professional reviews with a personal touch.

Ann from Books on the Table is my go-to for eclectic recommendations because I’m an eclectic, moody reader. She also loves short stories (YESS!!) and doesn’t get all caught up in the social media thing (which I’m terrible at). She just loves to talk about books and her posts are so thoughtful and unique. Short Stories, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s, Essays, Audios, Debuts, New Releases, Backlist, Classics…I can’t remember which book I first loved from her posts but I do know she perked my ears up to numerous short story authors as well as Stegner. Superlative: Eclectic TBR list killer. No seriously, get a pad and pen out. 

Andi at Estella’s Revenge introduced me to authors such as Lucy Knisley and graphic books like Lumberjanes. Her love for graphic novels made me then branch out to discover my own favorites especially Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant, which is my ‘shove into everyone’s hands’ book. I don’t feel like an idiot for reading graphic novels in my 40s and that’s just her influence on everything. The “You Do You” and “Read My Own Damn Books” mantra is sooo appreciated from this little book blogger over here. Superlative: The queen of: “I don’t have time for drama but I have time for you”. Sincerely.


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