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Book Blogger Appreciation Week : Intros

Day-OneIntroduce-yourself 1

I’m so thankful for The Estella Society hosting Book Blogger Appreciation Week this week. My usual posts were feeling a bit stale for me lately and I’m not picking up anything new to read, so this is a very welcomed break.

Today the topic is to introduce myself with five books that best represent me as a person and/or interests/lifestyle. Well, I decided to play around a bit because picking five is just too darn difficult. Since I work in a library, I decided to choose the five areas I frequent the most based on favorite books. A little cheating never hurt, right?

mg blue ribbin books

We call them “Blue Ribbon Books” and most of these upper elementary/middle grade books are ones that started the book obsession for me as a child. This shelf holds my first favorite, Charlotte’s Web, where the love for animals is beautifully balanced with wit, friendships, delicious vocabulary, animal shenanigans and a few tear-jerker moments. I added a few other favorites to the shelves:  Number The Stars, Shiloh, Where The Red Fern Grows, The Little House series, The Cricket in Time Square and Charlie of course.

self help

I sneak away to this corner of the library often looking for books that inspire and calm my busy head. A favorite, Tiny Beautiful Things is never available and it’s no surprise. That book along with Quiet, Daring Greatly, When Women Were Birds (more a memoir) and some daily gratitude books are always on my nightstand.

romance not really

Not the romance books you’re thinking of. I like to call the ones I look for, Romance-ish and I did a little re-arranging for this photo. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and love books where there is a romantic element woven throughout the story. It could be mainly about mental illness, anthropologists in the 1930s, a famous female painter or reimaginings of the classics. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books and I reread it every year. I’m very picky when it comes to romance books and tend to steer clear of this aisle, but I had to figure out a way to sneak in P&P and then realized some of my faves have some sort of relationship story-good or bad.

Pack your bags

I love travel books,  Nonfiction and Fiction alike. The wanderlust desire is real. The books can be memoirs or have settings in foreign places that become another character all on their own. Some of my favorites: Out of Africa, A River Runs Through It, An Italian Affair, A Room With A View, The Enchanted April, pretty much a story set in Italy, England, Scotland, Coastal, Western…anywhere. Here I’m not picky.

fiction short stories

We don’t have a short story section at our library so I had to play around with a fiction bay on my break for this photo. I fell in love with short stories in middle school/high school with Edgar Allen Poe and Shirley Jackson. I’ve just gotten back into them a few years ago and have found that they really are my favorite fiction right now. They are my book buying splurge these days as well. Especially if I’ve read and loved them. Some great ones: Stone Mattress, Music For Wartime, Beneath The Bonfire, The Temple of Air, The Shell Collector, In The Country, A Manual For Cleaning Women…so so many lately.






7 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week : Intros

  1. I love this!! When I worked at the library, I loved creating displays and it was amazing how many books would be picked up right after I’d placed them standing with cover out.

  2. I love the approach you took to do this prompt! I’m slowly but surely getting more and more into short story collections, and will for sure need to check out a few of these titles.

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