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Mini (Very Mini Reviews): American House Wife and Only Love Can Break Your Heart

This book review blog, One Hundred Words (or Fewer!) was brought to my attention at work since I am in charge of the staff book reviews and some tend to get a bit wordy. If I was going to re-do my book blog, this is what I would aim for except that I think it only works (for me) when I don’t have too much to say. And sometimes I really enjoy a good ramble.


Only Love Can Break Your HeartOnly Love Can Break Your Heart by Ed Tarkington is a debut this year that is already getting great, great reviews. Unfortunately, I’m already forgetting parts and characters from the book. The coming-of-age story of Rocky and the relationship with his much older half-brother Paul, were highlights for me. The music references and the incorporation of the play Equus-also a plus. But other than that, I felt there were just too many stories within the story, which was primarily about family. And there is a murder mystery in there but the quick wrap-up again left me feeling flat.

American HousewifeAmerican Housewife:Stories by Helen Ellis, also new this year, is a collection of twelve short stories that was more in my wheelhouse, but not. The snarky, sarcastic and original stories are still leaving me with a chuckle but read back-to-back started to get, well, a bit snarky overkill. If you love that sort of humor, you will enjoy this collection. Ones to definitely check out: “The Wainscoting War”, “Dumpster Diving With The Stars”, and “The Fitter”. I also feel like “Southern Lady Code” could apply to most women and “How To Be A Grown-Ass Lady” my new personal grown-ass lady reference essay/story.

Thank you to Edelweiss, Doubleday and Algonquin books for the ARC digital copies. I was not required to review nor compensated for doing so. 

3 thoughts on “Mini (Very Mini Reviews): American House Wife and Only Love Can Break Your Heart

  1. Sounds like you feel the same way about Only Love as I did. Loved the writing and the elements you mentioned, but the second half felt a bit too amorphous. I’ll give him another shot, however, based on the writing alone.

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