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Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts

Every few weeks I like to participate in this meme by Bookishly Boisterous and get the ramblings out.

1.) If you are anything like me, reading all of the “professional” Best Of 2015 Books lists can make me a bit anxious. Instead of focusing on the books I did read and agree were great, I start to see the numerous ones I missed along the way. And it’s December 9th. Which means if I want to possibly read all of the books I’ve missed that sound great, I have to start reading in April.

But I am a list kind of girl so here are some I’ve been checking out. If anything it’s a nice review of the year and can add a few to the TBR pile:

NPR’s Book Concierge. I happen to love this crazy random display and you can customize your search by selecting topics on the left side of the screen.

Kirkus’ The Best Books of 2015. Again, I like their format and have six categories. They even have an overall winner.

 Bookpage. I get so excited when new copies of this publication make their way to the library. They list all genres.

The Atlantic. The writers and editors share their favorite reads for 2015 even if they weren’t published this year. I love their rebelliousness! They also list which books they want to read before the year is over. Again, pick one? They are so confident at The Atlantic.

Library Journal. They only pick ten. Fiction AND nonfiction! Impressive.

Publishers Weekly. Here you can find top twenty and top ten lists from twelve different genres.

The Wall Street Journal. After reviewing 12 sources, WSJ mentions the best of the best-of lists. I like seeing which books carry over to other lists.

2.) How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was low-key but it was pretty spot-on to SNL’s Thanksgiving Miracle spoof. When the discussion turned into debate about race, immigration and religion I actually stood up and began to sing “Hello”. Some stared at me like I was crazy but those who watch SNL joined in.

Thanks Adele!

3.) Blogging. I still enjoy talking about literature and staying in contact with my bookish friends but sometimes I feel like starting a new blog. There are so many things to talk about and I’m not sure what direction I would take for the new blog. Pop culture, movies, health, inspiration, comedy, food, education, travel…what? When I first started this blog it was strictly books. Then other topics started to trickle in. Then back to only books. We’ll see what 2016 brings but I definitely feel like something additional is on the horizon. For now this meme is fitting the bill.

knock you naked bars

4.) I was planning on making a pumpkin pie from scratch for Thanksgiving but I had to made concessions. My sugar pumpkins rotted out before I had a chance to use them so I used pumpkin puree and they still turned out fabulous. A coworker of mine is a wonderful baker and brings in all sorts of treats for us to try. My weakness: homemade baked goods. I can pass up store bought cookies and desserts but homemade, never. Here is the recipe for Knock You Naked Bars which I also made for turkey day and they were amazing! *Recipe originally found on Julie’s Eats and Treats.

Nelson Mandela teachers

5.) I miss teaching. For 15 years I wore some type of teaching hat. Regular Ed., Special Ed., Diagnostician, Paraprofessional, Interventionist, Substitute, Tutor. I took a bit of time off from full-time to raise my children and I was all cocky that getting back into full-time when my youngest started first grade would be no problem. I was terribly wrong. “Don’t know the latest terminolgy”, “No experience with the latest technology” and my favorite “Too expensive” when admin was looking for Bachelors Degrees only. So I started at the library doing literacy a year and a half ago. Working in a library was always a dream for me but I miss teaching. Hopefully taking classes for the ESL endorsement will give me an edge combined with the Sped degree. I have to thank a coworker who nudged me back into education when I was burned and on the fence. “I love so many other things”, I told her. “Reading, Science, Cooking, Art, Animals, Nature, Languages, Travel, Yoga…” the list goes on. “Maybe I could be a chef…” and the options went around and around. But she told me that’s why teaching was my thing. Education. It can touch upon everything.

What’s been going on in your world?





3 thoughts on “Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts

  1. I’m kind of scared to look at those lists! And you know why….I’ve enjoyed the few I’ve read on other blogs but I’m with you, just makes me feel like I’ve missed out on everything. Then I only let myself add a few to the TBR. Cause no matter how much I WANT to read something, I know I am only going to get a limited number of books read per year.

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