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It’s Monday, November 23. What Are You Reading?

You know how sometimes you should be careful in what you wish for? Well, I was just thinking to myself that I would prefer less emails that solicit and send sales events…you know, all that junk mail. I believe my personal email was hacked because I woke up this morning and my inbox was a big fat zero. I hope the hackers are having fun with my emails regarding school updates, savings available on Wayfair and cute designs on Etsy for the holidays. Bah humbug you jerks! My brain has been tied up in trying to recover everything this morning and I could use a book to distract me and I have a lot to choose from.

Okay, so what am I reading this week? Hopefully I will tackle this gorgeous stack from the library. I have a serious problem, I know. So what’s with all the different books?

book week nov 23

  • I am going to try to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. Yes, with real pumpkins and all.
  • Since the move I’ve been reading many house decorating books for inspiration.
  • I haven’t read nearly enough Middle Grade books as I would like this year.
  • Still working on Nonfiction November.
  • I want to read as many 2015 releases from my TBR I can before year’s end.
  • I work in a library so while shelving and walking in the stacks I find a book like Aquarium that catches my eye.
  • Well, it didn’t catch my eye by accident. I read the Kirkus 2015 Best Fiction Books list and ran to see if we had it. Plus I added about 10 more books to my holds list. I need help! It really is a decent list, though.

It’s Monday! What are you reading this week?



17 thoughts on “It’s Monday, November 23. What Are You Reading?

  1. Wow, I think I’m being brave bringing two books home from the library when I know I’m only likely to get one book read in a week. But this weekend I actually finished two books!

    So I finished Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child, which was amazing to find at the library since its a 2015 release and my library carries a limited selection of books in English. This looks like it was a new purchase rather than a donation.

    The second book I raced through was Tracy Farr’s excelllent work of historical fiction The Life and Loves of Lean Gaunt, a riveting read.

    I haven’t started my next book, grand dilemma of the evening! Good luck with that stack, how I wish I was capable of taking that kind of library challenge.

  2. Sounds like an intervention is needed! I can imagine working in a library and seeing all that you would love to read. It’s bad enough being just a borrower. Enjoy them all.

  3. Good luck with your pumpkin pie – it’s one of my Thanksgiving favorites! I’ve definitely never made it from scratch!
    And – I’m on the same “read as much as possible from my 2015 TBR as possible before the year is out” train!

  4. Ooooh! Have you heard of The Nest by Kenneth Oppel? If you’re looking for a great spooky middle grade read you should give it a shot. Kudos to you for attempting pumpkin pie from scratch! I always default to canned pumpkins…

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