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It’s Monday, September 28. What Are You Reading?

sweetlandHappy Monday, readers! These next few months I’m going to try and read as many 2015 releases as possible that I added to my TBR throughout the year and forgot about. Looking over my posts and books I was once excited for made me realize that there are sooo many and hopefully I can get in the books that other bloggers and readers had a strong reaction to.

Last year I did this in December and ended the year with two books I absolutely enjoyed, The Miniaturist and Florence Gordonso this time I am starting earlier.

I just started Sweetland (Jan 2015) by Michael Crummey and it’s been a slow start but I have this feeling it will pick up. The atmospheric prose is balanced nicely with the dialogue and the protagonist, Moses Sweetland, is such a great character and the secondary characters are just as interesting.

Looking over my Goodreads challenge, I’m 6 behind and don’t know when that happened. Oh yes, I do- work, moving, school-LIFE!  Even though I lowered my reading this year by 25 books I’m still behind. Oh well. Better get to it then.

What are you reading this week?


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