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Top Ten Short Story Collections on my Fall 2015 TBR List

There are only 15 weeks left of reading this year!!

I’m a book nerd. That kind of data makes me anxious because I think of all the books I set out to read and sadly my year has been less than stellar. So following The Broke and The Bookish‘s meme to list Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR, I decided to go with short stories. I have NO IDEA what novels I want to squeeze in before the year’s end but I do have an inkling of some short stories that I’ve missed this year and one soon to be released that has caught my eye. I don’t expect to get all ten of these read but I’m hoping for a few. Click on each title for the full synopsis on Goodreads.

Fall 2015 TBR Shorts

Get in Trouble by Kelly Link (Feb. 2015)

There’s Something I Want You To Do by Charles Baxter (Feb. 2015)

Gutshot by Amelia Gray (April 2015)

The Outer Harbour by Wayde Compton (May 2015)

Music For Wartime by Rebecca Makkai (June 2015)

Lovers on All Saints’ Day by Juan Gabriel Vásquez (July 2015)

Let Me Tell You by Shirley Jackson (Aug. 2015)

Barbara The Slut and Other People by Lauren Holmes (Aug. 2015)

A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin (Aug. 2015)

Mothers, Tell Your Daughters by Bonnie Jo Campbell (Oct. 2015)

All of these authors are new to me, except for Shirley Jackson, so I am excited to finally read some of their work.

Any other short story collections from 2015 I might have missed that you recommend?

What’s on your Fall 2015 TBR list?


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Short Story Collections on my Fall 2015 TBR List

    • Right? From what I’ve read, it’s a compilation of Berlin’s best work focusing on stories of everyday people. She died in 2004 and there wasn’t a book out by her since the late 90s, so I guess a gathered collection was the plan. I haven’t read any of her work so not sure of the tone, etc. But it does sound interesting!

  1. So happy to see some of these on your list, you are such a great guinea pig when it comes to what short story collections I might like. Because I’m kind of woeful in that category, as you know. I tried Gutshot after hearing great things and didn’t get very far. Maybe you can turn me around. I am in line for Manual for Cleaning Women and quite excited to get that one, actually. The Link and Campbell titles are also on my radar, so I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on those! Great list.

  2. I really recommend the collection “The UnAmericans” by Molly Antopol. (I reviewed it here [] – you can see if you find it interesting.)
    Definitely a collection of the “all the sadness in the world just congregated in my chest” variety, but so good.

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