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It’s Monday, July 6, 2015. What Are You Reading?

After a crazy, busy, yet fun weekend, I’m finally settling into some new reads (And a reread).

 To Kill a Mockingbird Beneath the Bonfire: Stories Music for Wartime: Stories

My requests have been much lighter this year but I did request The Small Backs of Children by Lidia Yuknavitch which releases tomorrow. I’m struggling with this one, friends. I read The Chronology of Water earlier this year in preparation for this book to get an idea of her writing style. I DNF Chronology, which is a memoir that many have raved about but I just found it to be too much. She goes through a lot of hardship but the style and/or voice didn’t click with me. Memoirs and I have a so-so relationship so I didn’t worry too much about Small Backs. Again, maybe it’s too early to tell. She does revisit some of the trauma from her memoir and yet this is supposed to be fiction, so I really don’t know yet.

To Kill A Mockingbird is a reread I really hope lives up to how much I loved it as a teen!

And then I must get to some new short story collections, so I picked up Beneath the Bonfire by Nickolas Butler and Music For Wartime by Rebecca Makkai.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

What are you reading this week?


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday, July 6, 2015. What Are You Reading?

  1. I had requested Music for Wartime via NetGalley, but on my version the formatting was a disaster, and pretty much unreadable. Let me know how you like it, so I can decide if I should pick it up for not! I also am currently rereading TKAM, and so far so good!

  2. Three cheers for Bonfire! Fingers crossed you love it. Thanks for the input on the Yuknavitch. I just added it to my TBR and will look further before I get anywhere close to leaping.

  3. Oooh – I’m so glad you’re giving Beneath the Bonfire a shot – I loved it and I’m usually not a fan of short stories (I also loved Butler’s Shotgun Lovesongs). And – I’ve seen some other bloggers who had trouble with The Small Backs of Children. Hope your TKAM re-read stands up for you…mine did!

  4. I DNF’d The Small Backs of Children. :/ It was NOT the book for me, to say the least, lol. You’ll have to let me know what you think of Bonfire. I have it sitting on my shelf and I keep meaning to get to it. You know how that goes!

    Have a great week, happy reading!

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