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Armchair BEA Intros and Library Love


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Credit: Amber at Shelf Notes

It’s a bittersweet moment for me this year not attending BEA 2015 in New York. Bitter because I couldn’t go since I’m saving vacation days for other adventures this year and sweet because that said job is working for my public library as a Literacy Associate at which I just celebrated my one year anniversary.

The first year I blogged, I participated in Armchair BEA and had a blast, so I am excited to be in the mix once again and will be blogging about it this week with Twitter chats, Instagram pics and here on the blog with daily discussions.

5 Questions Introduction:

1. Since many new faces might be reading this post for the first time, my name is Marisa and I started blogging here in a suburb of Chicago back in 2012. I was in the teaching profession for 15 years in many different settings and roles and decided to follow my passion for literature to work in a public library promoting literacy to all ages.

2. Obviously I love to read. And not just a bookworm but I find that reading is pretty much the only thing that helps me stay sane. My “Daily Dosage”. It gets me out of my head, lets me escape to another place, experience other cultures and meet new characters and people which I think is vital to build empathy and compassion. It also helps with my extreme wanderlust!

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3. My reading genre tastes have evolved and changed as I’ve gotten older but to pick a favorite among my loves of Literary, Contemporary, Historical Fiction and Middle Grade/Tween…it would have to be Short Stories and Essays. I fell in love with them as a teen with Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery and just got back into them full swing the past few years.

4 & 5. The top book in my TBR pile and for this summer will have to be Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. To Kill A Mockingbird hit me hard as a teen and I’m just dying to read about Scout as an adult.


Library Love

Working in a public library this past year has been an amazing experience. A new learning curve. The most wonderful part (aside from being around books all day) is the staff I work with. Serving the public and dealing with people of all ages can be truly fantastic. Helping someone find a new author, a read alike, a new genre, introducing technology and assisting with research are the positives. Dealing with the weird happenings can only be fun if you have a staff to back you up and play along. Many strange things happen at work every day. I truly believe we should start a book of photos of some of the things we find in books. Regardless of the situation, my coworkers always have each others’ backs and can find the humor in just about anything. I’ve learned that Librarians have a razor sharp sense of humor and this is one situation I can share this week.

Like I said, many baffling things happen at the library every day. Coincidences (we think the building is semi-haunted but in a good way), unfortunate dealings with patrons and then things that can not be made up like finding a tooth in the drop box. Yes, you read that right…A TOOTH!

But instead of focusing on the mere fact that it is disgusting and bizarre and trying to dissect the mental capacity of the person who put it there, my lovely and wicked smart coworkers decided to put it on display, pair it with an appropriate book and write a companion piece to it, which reads:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

I had a dream last night that my tooth infiltrated my neighborhood library, rode along the auto sorter, and is hanging out with some books. What do you really do with the teeth when you take them? If I had to pick the grandest place of all for my tooth to hang out, it would be the library. I hope my dream comes true!”

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Share your love for your library in the comments below!


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