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It’s Monday, March 9, 2015. What Are You Reading?



This will be a quick post. My husband: “YOU are reading Stephen King?!? Me: Why, yes. Yes I am!

After A Little Life, I hit a major reading slump. A few graphic novels here and there, a few podcats, catching up on Downton Abbey and some great movies filled the void but my reading mojo was gone.

But the great news is that I am finally reading a Stephen King novel after many, many years. Rory at Fourth Street Review is hosting #kingsmarch and she was absolutely right about recommending Bag of Bones to me almost a year ago. Horror and gore are not my thing, but give me a great ghost story with some twists and turns and I’m a happy reader.

It’s Monday…what are you reading?


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday, March 9, 2015. What Are You Reading?

  1. I’ve only read a few of King’s novels because, like you, horror and gore are not my thing. I enjoyed 11/22/63 and Joyland both–and both are more liked twisty-turny ghost stories than guts and gore horror stories. Will have to add Bag of Bones to my list!

  2. It’s Monday, and I’m reading a book of rather irritating essays about men. But I have a couple of excellent books on my Kindle from the library, so this evening’s reading should be looking up. Plus I have been reading a volume of Sweet Tooth every evening before bed and it has been the beeeeest so far.

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