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It’s Monday, March 2nd. What Are You Reading?


I wouldn’t say I am still in a reading slump after A Little Life, but nothing has grabbed me and kept hold. Sure, I’ve read a few middle grade books which were great, a few graphic novels that were fine, but nothing I can’t put down.

Also, not requesting as many ARCs has been weird and wonderful. Wonderful because I can read more backlist but weird because I don’t have a schedule of reading with a timeline involved.

Here’s what I have from the library, a little of everything:

Vanessa and Her Sister How to Be Happy On Immunity: An InoculationFish In A Tree

Also, I am super excited to participate in King’s March this month hosted by Rory at Fourth Street Review and Wendy from Wensend. Last year at BEA, I asked Rory for a Stephen King recommendation and she suggested Bag of Bones. I bought it and it’s been sitting on a shelf. Now with the “read and/or watch as much Stephen King during the month of March” event hosted by these two ladies, I am going to finally read it.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday, March 2nd. What Are You Reading?

  1. Everyone has been raving about On Immunity, I really should check that one out. Will be anxious to hear what you think. Last night I started an ARC of What Stands In A Storm, which is a scary read for this little tornado-fearing Californian. I spent some time living in Tornado Alley and it’s all coming back.

    • I just started On Immunity and like it so far. I usually don’t read much NF because I get bored but Eula Biss might convert me…she has a great writing style. Haven’t heard of What Stands in a Storm-will have to check it out. Tornado Alley? That’s rough!!

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