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It’s Monday, February 9th. What Are You Reading?


I’m still working on The Golem and the Jinni for my book group and noticed that audio slows me down a bit. I enjoy how much the story has come to life via audio but luckily I have a very short commute and so listening time has been sparse.

I decided to start reading an ARC I requested titled A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It’s 736 pages and knew I needed to get started. This was what was written at the beginning of the book:


So I have been bracing myself. I have never read anything by Yanagihara and somehow missed The People in the Trees a few years back. Learning from mistakes, I decided to reading nothing about this book. Yes, just the blurb, but no reviews, no comments, nothing. I heard about it through a publisher’s catalog and mention of it in a literary journal highlighting new books for 2015. That’s it. I can say that it’s that type of book where I want to desperately come back to it when I put it down and yet there is such a melancholy tone that I have to put it down for breaks.

It’s Monday readers! What are you reading?


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, February 9th. What Are You Reading?

  1. I have A Little Life waiting for me, but know nothing about it besides its page count… I think you’re right that there is something to the idea of going into a book completely blind. At least once in a while.

  2. I’ll be super interested to hear what you think of A Little Life. I had a super strong reaction to it that was totally opposite from what a lot of other people seem to have felt about it. So I am waiting to see what the reviews say when the book comes out properly.

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