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It’s Monday, January 19. What Are You Reading?

January has been slow going for me in the reading arena. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the few that I’ve picked up, but finding quality, undisturbed, quiet reading time has been difficult. I may need to rethink my reading goals for this year if it continues at this rate.

22557272[1]Finally, I was able to start The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I’ve just started it, so the verdict is not out yet. But unreliable characters seems to be the theme.

Speaking of verdicts and mysteries, I’ve been obsessed with the Serial podcast on This American Life originally aired last fall on WBEZ. It’s compelling and exciting to follow. I think it would be a great book club pick alternative. There are twelve episodes that are less than an hour each. The podcast is free to download and totally doable in a month’s time for a book group selection. My vision is to have all the members listen to the entire case and then show up to book group and images[1]immediately vote as if on the jury. Is Adnan innocent or guilty based on what was revealed on the show? Read the votes and then each person has up to five minutes to explain why they voted
 the way they did, no interruptions. Then after everyone has spoken their peace, another vote is taken. Anyway, that’s just my nerdy idea of changing up book group a bit. I have one more episode to listen to and then I’ll go into it more on a future post. Really, though, check Serial out. It’s really a fascinating revelation in podcasting. Just don’t read too many comments from other sites…go in blind!


It’s Monday…what are you reading or listening to?



9 thoughts on “It’s Monday, January 19. What Are You Reading?

  1. I’m still a podcast virgin — my son won’t let me listen during the day and I always forget at night — but I’m going to bookmark Serial and try to get to it. I’m with you on finding quiet reading time too, it’s been really tough so far this year! I hope you can find a window of time and jump on it 🙂

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