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It’s Monday, November 3rd. What Are You Reading?

After writing my Backlist Bliss post last week, I kicked off my reading with….


I’m loving it and at the same time getting angry and anxious. There is a lot to discuss and debate in this Adult Science Fiction/Dystopian Classic. The setting and time are still unclear to me but the environment and people have been taken over by right-wing conservative Christians where certain “viable” women are merely a two-legged walking uterus used for breeding. The content is pissing me off but the writing is master class. It reminds me of two books I read this year, The Bees and Station Eleven which uses backstory as well.

I can’t believe I’ve taken this long to read it but here I am.

What’s up next? Not sure but most likely will be from my wishlist of titles I want to finally read, once and for all.

It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?


10 thoughts on “It’s Monday, November 3rd. What Are You Reading?

  1. I’m so glad you’re loving it! But yes, the world it takes place in is so frustrating and awful. I’m not sure how far you are, but I love the way Atwood writes about “freedom to” (express yourself and be autonomous at the risk of violence) vs “freedom from” (violence at the cost of sacrificing self expression and autonomy).

  2. A wonderful reading choice!

    It’s meant to make you feel angry & frustrated & scared. I’d be concerned if you didn’t feel pissed off about the treatment of women as you read this book! And the similarities in our world and the book world are deliberate – to make you feel that it could actually happen, if…….?

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