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Top Ten Authors I Need to Read More From


This list is supposed to highlight authors who I have only had the pleasure of reading from once. That’s a tough thing to do if you are like me and have a history of reading series books or become obsessed with favorite authors and therefore, try to read anything and everything by them. I also realized that some authors (not mentioned here) were non-repeats by choice. Ouch! They just didn’t do it for me and sadly turned me off from their writing.

But let’s stay positive…As I was making my list, I realized that four of the ten only have one book, so let’s go ladies, I’m ready for more! (Click on each cover for my review or a link to Goodreads)

These four books, which were/are some of my favorites are all debuts, so I have to wait patiently for new ones:

17286775[1]  17829483[1]  18142427[2]  18693763[1]

These six are all so different but memorable in my vault of favorites. Anthony Doerr is the only male author to grace this list but I must say that his book this year is one of my 2014 favorites, Historical Fiction favorites as well as all-time favorites. I don’t know why I haven’t picked up any of his other four books (mostly short story and non-fiction) but this one took ten years to write. I hope I’m not waiting that long for another novel by him!

The Vacationers   18465852[1]  12959658[2]

17669036[1]   18090147[1]   All The Light We Cannot See

Who Are Some Authors You Have Only Read One Book From?


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