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It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?


Happy Monday, friends!

Book Journey hosts “It’s Monday, What Are Your Reading?” and it’s a fun meme to revisit what you’ve read the past week, what you are currently reading and what’s on your radar. I had a few reads that I wanted to like more than I did but to each her own, right?

I’m currently reading two books that are keeping my attention and look forward to sharing in the coming weeks:

9712[1]      20170404[1]

Love In The Time Of Cholera is the first book I’ve read by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I’m really enjoying this lyrical and complex story about two people who wait over 50 years to finally be together. It’s also the first book club selection for the new book group I am hosting at my library. I’m taking my time to let this gorgeously written classic unfold. And the chapters are very long!

Station Eleven will be released on September 9th and it’s incredible so far. It’s this nonlinear, post-apocalyptic, compelling, science fiction novel that really has my undivided attention. I was off of sci-fi/apocalypse novels for a while after Hunger Games and Divergent but this one is so different and that’s all I can say right now. I’m only a quarter in but it’s eerie how just recently my city had a huge storm and we lost power for several days while I was reading this. Then this morning I saw on the news how a flu pandemic is hitting the Midwestern states. Creeepy.

So I mentioned that I didn’t love a few books recently and I really, really wanted to.
17830123[1]    20765371[1]

We Are Not Ourselves and A Life Intercepted will not get a formal review on the blog but a brief review on Goodreads was all I could manage. I have real trouble putting into words why a book didn’t click for me. They both started out strong and I was interested to see how each would play out but then slowly, slowly, I fell out of love with them. We decided to break up and go our separate ways.


On the horizon?

I listed so many great books coming out in September in my “Get Your TBR List Ready” post, so it’s anybody’s game. I do have an ecopy of Stone Matress that I am looking forward to but I also picked up these at the library:

18594409[1]    18812405[1]

Have any of you read either one?

So….what are you reading this week?




One thought on “It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?

  1. I’m so jealous of Station Eleven! I somehow missed that one, but think I need to get to it ASAP – I’ve heard nothing but great things!

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