Get Your TBR List Ready!

Get you TBR list ready! New releases for September 2014

 TBR list

Well summer flew by but not to worry, bookish friends, September has some amazing new releases to get excited about. My Edelweiss account showed over 70 books that I tagged for September! I made an excruciating first cut to 43 books because I didn’t want a three part post of new releases. But even then I decided to revisit all the books I tagged and really focus on the ones that I would most likely read. I’ve narrowed it down to 34. Now I know we all have different tastes and my interests are quite eclectic when it comes to reading, so if I’ve missed some that are on your radar, please share!!

photo (12)

I was fortunate to receive these ARCs at BEA this year due out in September.

 The main point of doing this post at the beginning of each month is to bring awareness to new authors and new literature as well as highlight some of the books I am excited about. Yes, you will also recognize some well established authors returning with their latest feat. One thing I have learned working at the library is: request, request, request! Especially for debut authors and books that don’t get as much hype. Help build up your public library by requesting up and coming and diverse books (James Patterson gets plenty of shelf space).

photo (9)

Seriously, this is what we receive at the library more often than not. All requests for JP books!


Click on each title and/or book cover to get the full summary. I skipped the blurbs this time to avoid an over 1,000 word count post. It was nearing 800+ words with only half of the summaries written. You are welcome!

Children’s Lit:

I was having trouble narrowing it down to only five, so here is my cheat sheet. This link for Publisher’s Weekly has a pretty extensive list of new books for the younger readers. But one that really caught my eye that I envision reading with my own children is (for grades 3 and up according to NoveList):



Young Adult:

In addition to Jackaby (Sept. 16), How to Build a Girl (Sept. 23), and Belzhar (Sept. 30), I’m very excited about:

20256612[1]    7943654[1]     15828079[1]


Contemporary Fiction:

The Future For Curious People (Sept 2) and  Five Days Left (Sept 9) are quite different in scope. One is a unique and hilarious look at life, love and fate and the other is being heralded as a “book club must”. I recently reviewed The Future For Curious People which helped me out of my reading slump. These three sound just as promising:

21965107[1]    20256545[1]     20665580[1]

Historical Fiction:

I was so pleased to pick up Neverhome (Sept. 9), chunkster The Paying Guests (Sept. 16) and The High Divide (Sept. 23) at BEA. In addition, these caught my eye recently:

                                                           19286587[1]       20262502[2]


Literary Fiction:

Rainey Royal (Sept 9) was the only literary fiction book that I scored but it also falls under the category of YA and Historical Fiction. Here are some beauts that should please the literary fiction fans:

20613582[1]  20171005[1]  18465602[1]  20575425[1]



I missed out on all the NF at BEA. I couldn’t narrow this genre down to five, sorry. So many good ones to get excited about. These are all going on my TBR list. Seriously, one sounds better than the next!

17978099[1]   20665575[1]   20663702[1]   20613624[1]

17286683[1]  20256590[1]   22585457[1] 20613511[1]

Sci-Fi and a Short-Story Collection:

Stone Mattress (Sept 11) is a short story collection I just received digitally and A Sudden Light (Sept 30) is under the genres of Goth, YA, Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Mystery. So Garth Stein confuses us all. Two more Science Fiction books to put on your radar are:

20819685[1]      20170404[1] I just received an egalley of Station Eleven (Sept 9) and I’m scared to read it. It’s getting major high praise calling the writing “out of this world and stunning” and “an incandescent book”. I have to stop reading about it because sometimes those highly praised books fall flat for me and then I feel like a total idiot for not loving it as much. We will see…. And I’ve never read a David Mitchell book. Maybe it’s time.

What books are you adding to your TBR list that come out in September?


4 thoughts on “Get you TBR list ready! New releases for September 2014

  1. If i wasn’t excited about September before, I am now. You’ve done a great job at laying out exactly how much reading I have to do this month. I love the anticipation, but i’m also feeling the pressure this year as well, which i don’t like.

  2. There are so many books in your post that I’m excited for! I wasn’t really interested in The Paying Guests but after hearing so much about it (and Sarah Waters) it’s definitely on my radar now! Belzhar is another one that I’m looking forward to; the internet just loves Meg Wolitzer! (I also read and enjoyed The Interestings, so I’m even more excited to read this now.) Great list! There are a few new titles that I didn’t know about on here 🙂

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