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It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?

I’ve been MIA for almost a week and missed blogging posts here at The Daily Dosage. Family was visiting from Scotland for the weekend-long wedding extravaganza for my little sister. It was an absolute blast but glad to be back to the regular routine.

This is my first participation in the weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. I highly suggest you pop on over to the site and check out her blog. Especially if you enjoy audio books. She has many great recommendations and listening to an audio book is on my “to-do” list this year.


So a quick little side note. June started out strong for me with books like My Salinger Year and The Book of Unknown Americans. I also attended Printer’s Row Lit Fest here in Chicago and it was fantastic! But then it fell flat. Very flat. To the point where I had to make the excruciating decision to stop reading a few books that felt more like homework rather than an escape to reading heaven. Being surrounded by hundreds of books at work (public library) left me feeling jealous. Jealous of all of the patrons that simply walk into the library, browse leisurely, reading book jackets and deciding right then and there which books to read. As much as I love receiving galleys and books that have yet to be released, I miss choosing a book that I’ve wanted to read for some time and finally cracking it open. So I did just that before jumping into a new release at the end of June. I checked out two that I could not stop second glancing and my reading slump is officially over.

The Vacationers   16181775[1]   18693763[1]

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday…What Are You Reading?

  1. Welcome to the meme! I know what you mean about books seeming like homework. I do a lot of reviewing too. This summer I am trying to read some of the books from my stack to balance out all the review books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. I hate it when reading feels like work or a chore! Between teaching and reviewing, that does happen sometimes. Oh, those innocent, happy library patrons! Don’t forget to read for pleasure….I recently read Why I Read by Wendy Lesser, and it is a book length meditation on the pleasure of reading–I read it in one day.

  3. Love this post. It’s nice to know others can relate to the “job” it is sometimes to read. I’ve been on a reading challenge that had taken me three years to complete. Between that and book club, I don’t get many reads just for me. But that will change soon as I am on my last challenge book. That’s why I don’t do advance reviews and such, to much obligation.:) The Rosie Project is on my “for me” TBR!

    • Thanks! When I first started blogging I was reading what I wanted. But then I was eager to get early releases and started requesting many galleys, which I love to receive. It does, however, make me feel like I “need” to read those first because of being given the opportunity and created a bit of anxiety to read them in time. Now I am going back to a more balanced approach and feel in control once again of my choices. Congrats on being close to finishing your challenge book!!

  4. Ohhh I’m interested to hear what you think of The Vacationers! It’s been on my radar for a while… I’m glad you’re coming out of your reading slump! They’re never fun.

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