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Why I Might be MIA This Week

I have the privilege of attending The Book Expo America 2014 this week and am very excited and quite overwhelmed. I will try to remember all my yogi breathing and do my best to take it as it comes but careful planning and scheduling is also important to make the trip worth my efforts. I’ve never been, so of course the over-planner in me took over.

The point of this post is to let friends know why this blog might be quiet this week. I will try my best to write posts and updates but I think that might be thwarted with exhaustion and just the need to enjoy the moment. I will promise to have a lovely update when I return, for I am sure there will be much to talk about.

The best way to keep in touch would be to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. They are the only social media sites this blog has at the moment. I will be sure to pick up some tips at the Blogger’s Conference on Wednesday as well as from some of the amazing fellow bloggers I will be meeting. They seem to have a better knack for all the social media.

The Daily Dosage on Facebook

The Daily Dosage on Twitter with the hashtag #BEA14

And for all you book bloggers not going to BEA in New York, there is a wonderful way to participate from the comfort of your home with Armchair BEA. I participated last year and had a great time meeting new bloggers, joining in on some fun activities and even won a book!

Have a great week and talk soon!


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