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Stinkin’ Cute Book Plates

I’m hoping to get a review in tomorrow but I’ve been crazy busy with some May ARCs that happen to fall on the same days. Three on May 6th and two on May 13th and they are all really good! (One definitely next week for my last April ARC) I also try and post them closer to the release date so that’s why the reviews have been quiet for a while.

After last week’s Top Ten Tuesday where we listedBookish Things I’d Like To Own“, I found myself on Etsy looking for book plates or personalized book stickers. I’ve made my own with return address labels, simply written in my name and also bought some lovely antique looking ones from The Jane Austen Museum last summer. But these were so stinkin’ cute that I couldn’t pass them up. They brought me back to those early days in the 70s when library books had those check in/check out pockets with cards that would be stamped by the librarian.

Here is the Etsy page for the labels: LittlebeaneBoutique. The problem is, I think I need to order more!

unnamed[1] (4)   unnamed[1] (5)

How do you label your books?


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