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Photos Of The Day : Spring Reading Nooks

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I felt Spring in the air for the first time today. March 20th? Not so much. And then we had a few “teaser” days of gorgeous Spring weather where droves of people were out of hibernation jogging, walking, biking, strolling. I even read outside a few of those days.

I love reading outside in the Spring. The air is clean and crisp with no humidity. You can even still curl up with a blanket or throw on a big comfy sweater without a coat. Bugs and pesky mosquitoes are still at bay and the sun is not too scorching that you find yourself overheated after a few minutes of a good read. Flowers and ornamentals are just beginning to bloom and my dear little finches are back providing the perfect background music.

Here are some photos I found on Pinterest that made me think of reading outside in the Springtime….please no more snow!


Maybe just add a blanket?

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                 Darling little nook.                       Can’t you just smell those blossoms?

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    So cozy and quaint…love this!                     My Irises are just emerging…


Spring blossoms, so pretty.

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