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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I’d Like To Own

It’s Top Ten Tuesday time and this is such a fun one!! Not like I need more stuff but bookish things alway make me buckle.

More Bookjigs from Franklin Mill. I got this one for my birthday and absolutely love it.


Children’s print from Novel Images. My sister bought me the one below for my birthday and it’s so unique and brings a smile to my face when I see it in my house. I’m hoping this company makes some children’s book versions soon.


Pride & Prejudice ipad mini cover from Marston Bindery. They only have it for Kindle right now and it’s a splurge for me to spend that much on a cover but…


I know we aren’t supposed to list books but while on the topic of splurging, I’d welcome the Peacock Edition of P&P. This photo was taken at The Jane Austen Museum last summer which was the best literary day of my life! I still get choked up going through photos.


A book clutch/purse. I don’t own one and there are so many to choose from. Just go on Etsy and type in book clutch and you will be hit with many lovely designs. Novel Creations has something for everyone: Classics, kids, Contemporary…

il_570xN.446702786_h46u[1] il_570xN.577402218_af7g[1]

Love these bookends from By The Seashore Decor.  Books + Beachside retreat = pure bliss!


The “Cat Library” bookshelf. My little buddy already uses the top of my bookshelves as a perch…this would be so much cooler!

Some type of book bag tote. I know, I don’t have a real one and still use the free one given to me by our public library. I do like this one from Out of Print. With maybe a longer strap?


 A library card catalog. The Poetic Home has 11 unique uses for repurposed library card catalogs. Must also check out Dishfunctional Designs for these amazing card catalog transformations. Sigh.


And while this is a wish list of sorts…my own book store. Found this darling bookstore photo on Pinterest. Anyone know where this is? Can’t seem to find a location.


What’s on your bookish “wish list”?



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I’d Like To Own

  1. I would love a little bookstore too! There was a store down the road from me that closed and I kept hoping to discover I was the benefactor of some generous will, so I could open a bookstore. Alas, it’s now an international phone place. Sniff…

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