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Book Obsession…do you suffer from it?

My dear friend, Mrs. Darcy, sent me this link and I immediately began to think about all the books that caused book obsession for me. It’s basically why this blog began. The need to express my love for books and share that feeling with bookish people alike.

Here is the link for this spot on article by Jenna Mullins from E Online: The 8 Stages of Becoming Obsessed With A New Book.

Now after reading that article, I mentally went through all the books reviewed on The Daily Dosage that fall into that category for me:

6280118[1]   15505346[3]   15795357[1]   11096647[1]   12842115[1]

8442457[1]   12649718[2]   10163292[1]   11870085[2]   15803757[1]

13637360[2]   17797253[1]   15815333[1]   572645[1]  394255[1]

9403947[1]    18246306[1]    594139[1]   16117442[1]    18244904[1]

Something for everyone. And see some repeat offenders? Jojo Moyes, Kristan Higgins, Meg Wolitzer, Gillian Flynn, Rainbow Rowell-just a few of the authors who slay me almost every time.

But what about all of those books long read before this blog? Oy! That would take forever to list but here are some that MUST be mentioned as I went through my Goodreads lists and narrowed it down to 5:

1885[1]  4929705[1]  5886881[1] (2)  673365[1]  6993647[1]

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen: I read this book every year and watch the films and fall in love every single time.

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick: Delicious literary fiction with romance, suspense, mystery and a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn: I might have liked this better than Gone Girl. Again, a dark and creepy thriller. Yes, I am a bit disturbed.

An Italian Affair & All Over The Map by Laura Fraser: An Italian Affair came out about the same time as Eat, Pray, Love but AIA didn’t get close to the amount of praise or wind up on Oprah’s sofa. But this two book memoir resonated to my core. Maybe being an Italian or spending a week in Italy, all the feels came back when I read these. And about ten years later Fraser wrote AOTM and I ended up sobbing at the end. I am in the minority here, according to the posts on Goodreads, but I don’t care. Even with all this lovely social networking, sometimes reading is a one-person sport. 🙂

Which books are/were you obsessed with and had you going through the 8 stages?


One thought on “Book Obsession…do you suffer from it?

  1. Oh, I also read and liked “A Reliable Wife.” Nicely written, but a heavy story. I remember feeling so worried and bad for Ralph when the bad thing was happening to him.

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