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Friday Feature: Kings of Leon and Gary Clark Jr.

Kings of Leon and Gary Clark Jr. will be performing on Saturday, March 8th at The United Center in Chicago!!

September 26, 2009, I drove over an hour to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see KOL, the Southern Alternative Rock band, at The Bradley Center. They were on tour for their 4th studio album Only By The Night (2008) and it was one of the best concerts I have seen. This Tennessee foursome consisting of three brothers and a cousin blew the roof off of the venue and included some of their earlier songs from previous lesser known albums. Yes, “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” was on every radio station getting major airtime but I always seem to fall in love with songs from albums that don’t get as much recognition. They opened the concert with “Crawl”.

Even though they had four albums under their belt, I was a tad worried they would burn out. Overplayed songs on the radio, rumors of band difficulty. But they soldiered on, winning Grammys and came out with another excellent album, Come Around Sundown (2010). “Radioactive” had all the makings of a hit single, with their signature alternative rock sound, Calleb’s powering vocals and a gospel choir in the background. But I found this live performance instead (without the choir) and in place we get front row viewing of his older brother Nathan (on drums) ;).

The sixth studio album Mechanical Bull was released September 23, 2013 and again was quickly moving up the charts. Here’s my current favorite “Temple” where Caleb’s vocals stand out, as usual. Not to worry, we notice you.

Now Gary Clark, Jr. I have not had the pleasure of seeing him live but have watched footage online and TV performances. He is INCREDIBLE. His trademark fuzzy guitar and smooth as silk vocals are mesmerizing. I would post videos on here all day of his performances if I could. YOU MUST WATCH. Sorry, I am obsessed with him. Bluesy-Rock, R&B, Soulful man that he is. Here is “When My Tran Pulls In”.

And “Please Come Home” which won him his first Grammy. Try and not be moved. I dare you.

Have a great weekend!


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