The Loco-Coco Peanut Butter/Chocolate Banana Soothie

unnamed[2] (3)Yes, it’s a mouthful but that’s what my daughter named this smoothie. I have been playing around with smoothies for months now. I love how you can pack a lot of nutrition into a shake but sometimes they become calorie dense, especially the fruity and sweeter ones. The kids have been troopers, trying all of my “concoctions”, but this one has been a hit after trial and error.

I must confess, I figured out how to make it more nutritious and have less fat and calories with the help of visiting The Fruitful Yield. They are my go-to for all things nutritious and the staff there are impressive with their knowledge. You can bulk up smoothies to replace a meal with protein powders and Greek yogurt but for a snack or a beverage with a lighter meal, here is my “Loco-Coco PB/Chocolate Banana Smoothie”:

Will serve one person. Double or triple for more mouths.

unnamed[1] (8)

8 oz. Coconut Milk, unsweetened (I prefer SO Delicious, 45 calories a serving)

2 TBS. Bettie Lou’s Just Great Stuff powdered organic peanut butter (this is the best thing since sliced bread for all you PB lovers)

1-2 tsp. Cocoa powder (I use NOW products…they are my absolute fave!)

Half of a frozen banana (frozen really thickens it, but thawed is fine)

Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!

Now here is where you can play around:

*add your favorite protein powder (if it’s flavored it will change the taste)

*add Greek yogurt (again, aim for unflavored) I personally add those individual 5.3 oz. of Greek yogurt and it had a little “tang” to it but it also added 13 grams of protein, baby!

*don’t like Coconut milk? Use regular milk, soy milk, almond milk (although almond milk is a tad thin)

Now, I must gush some more over Just Great Stuff powdered PB (also the PB2 brand is excellent). My dear friend said the other day at breakfast that a few TBS of PB is 200 calories and it’s just not worth it! I agree. Although they are good fats, the calories can add up fast. I have used the powdered PB when making the kids’ PB & Js and they have never complained. I also add it to cookie batter, brownie mixes, smoothies and oatmeal. Check out their sites highlighted above.


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