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Flashback Friday : The Pixies circa 1992


Freshman year of college. Met the most amazing group of artistic, alternative people who I am still friends with today. Met a boy. He was a musician. (Another musician!) Dated said boy. He was obsessed with The Pixies. And of course, then, so was I.


The Pixies: the early years
source: Pinterest

It wasn’t until many years later that I was able to finally see them in concert. I asked a girlfriend if she wanted to go and see The Pix–“YES!” she cut me off. We don’t see each other nearly enough but we have the exact same taste in music and she is always up for anything. They played on November 29th, 2009 at The Aragon Ballroom. It was one of the best shows I have been to and was worth waiting for.


source: Pinterest

Well they are back in Chicago this weekend. They are going to be at The Riviera on Sunday, February 9th. The only difference is that Kim Deal will not be at this show playing bass because she is on tour with her other band The Breeders. The Pixies will also be performing some new songs after a long 9 years without any new material from this Alternative Rock band.

“Debaser” is the first song off of the album Doolittle (1989) which has to be one of my top favorite albums. This song just brings me back to falling in love with them that freshman year.

This footage makes me grin from ear to ear. “La La Love You” was sprung upon David Lovering (who is a hell of a drummer and a bit shy) where he sings lead vocals. That’s the best thing about live shows – the spontaneity and showcasing of true talent.

I believe there are still tickets available!!!


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