Quote of the day

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

I tell myself this every day during the winter months!

But seriously, I don’t look at this quote and connect with it because I dread my present day. My life, family and circumstances are blessings that I never take for granted. However, I have been cursed from a very early age of having a vivid and unrelenting imagination. Books give me an outlet and I love to imagine myself in stories and get swept away by plotlines.

Historical fiction allows me to meet characters and experience a certain time period.

 In romances, I get to partake in delicious banter, root for the happy ending and swoon over book boyfriends.

Young adult and teen novels take me back to that delicate age of figuring it all out.

Play the detective in a mystery.

Bear witness in a memoir.

Battle my own inner demons and/or play doctor in psychological thrillers.

Relive my youth and innocence while reading children’s books with my daughters.

Non-fiction, poetry, travel writing, classics, women’s lit…I love them all!


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