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Photos Of The Day : Water Reading Nooks

I know I posted about my dislike for snow and winter as a whole a few weeks ago and how these reading nooks would somehow make up for it.  Well, I’m over “making the best of it”. As you might know from following this blog, I live in the suburbs of Chicago. And you also might have been tuning into news lately and have heard how we have had the most terrible weather for the past few days. It’s unbearably freezing to the point where school and some offices have closed. Not snow days…cold days! As much as I like being off of work (I teach) and the kids are whooping up a few more days of winter break, it’s not that wonderful because we are holed up in our home. Not even playing in the snow. So I raise my white flag and will go into that fantastic imagination that I have and picture myself here:


source: Pinterest
“I must have this room! The books! The view!”

or here:


source: Pinterest
“Isn’t this just breathtaking?!”

Or here:


source: Pinterest
“Where did they go? For a little dip?”

Or here:

Young woman reading a book at beach

source: Pinterest
“Well, this is just showing off. I dislike her!!”

So, I guess I’ll just suck it up and take the kiddos to the next best thing for us Midwesterners…go to a show. And guess what we are seeing?


source: Pinterest
“Quite appropo, huh?”

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