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I can’t do New Years resolutions. I rarely stick to them and then feel as if I have let myself down by not following through. And I also never really feel like January 1 is a “new year” even though technically it is. I love the fact that I get to experience another year and make new memories and have new experiences so instead of “resolutions” I try to just make some improvements that I already have in play.

As this is my turning 40 year, I really want to do the following things more:

*Actually journal every day. A few lines of gratitude, a few lines of griping, a few goals, a few observances.

*Find the positive in everything. This is hard for me because I vary on the lines of Namaste/Karma/OM Yogi and Snarky/Sarcastic Witch. It’s just my make-up and it is a daily challenge.

*Play more in the kitchen…I love kitchen gadgets and cooking challenges.

*Be true to myself…instead of pretending that I like things to appear more adventurous, (like cold weather and snow) forget it! I know what I like and that’s, that!

*Do more Yoga – I miss you!

*Write my own map (stole this from The Theory of Opposites) and lose the phrase: “It is what it is.” –sorry hubby!

*And steer clear of psychos 🙂 What I mean is I need to stop trying to analyze why people can be serious idiots and do as my Nonna always said, “Let the people be the people.” in her broken English. She was right…you can’t change people and wasting time on why they act a certain way really wears me out.

I have a thinner skin than I thought. I wear my heart on my sleeve and even though I have years of training in behavior management and psychological insight, I will try to not:

– let people annoy me, upset me, challenge me.

– get frustrated when they try to act better than me, or a know-it-all.

– call them out when they pretend to be someone that I know secretly they are not…I’m not that stupid but I’ll let you keep up the charade. You must need it that bad.

-let your imbalances and insecurities poison my Zen flow

And the only way to do that is to:


source: Pinterest

Isn’t she cute? And so smart? Love her dress and pigtails. Must be a good book. What beautiful scenery… (See how positive I am being?)

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