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My favorite “2013 Books in Review” Compilation by NPR Books

Need some last minute gift ideas for that bookish person in your life? Well, it’s that time of year. Everyone and their uncle is coming out with their favorites for 2013. Albums, bands, songs, products, you name it and book lists are also rampant. I love/hate these lists because A.) they give me new books to add to my TBR pile and 2.) I feel like I have missed out on some great reads when I am not familiar with some of the titles. Like, “what in the world was I reading all year, when most of my faves are not listed?”

NPR put out my favorite book compilation this year…and I have reviewed many. It’s just very eclectic and has something for every reader, like my blog! I am happy to report that a few of my favorites were also listed on NPR’s list as well many that I have in my TBR pile. I feel like I need to move them up the list now after seeing so many recommend it. What I also like about NPR’s list is that they titled it a “Concierge.” “A Guide to 2013’s Great Reads”. They are not claiming they are the best. And I heartily cheer that many “hyped” books are NOT on this list.

Oh, and isn’t the change from an actual list to an interactive collage, cool? Just let your mouse toggle over the book cover and it will give you a quote from a reader/reviewer about what was so great about it. Click on the link below.

NPR books

Are any of your favorites missing from the guide? If, so please share in the comments.


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