Friday Feature: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

On today’s Friday Feature, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down is not a new band but definitely worth featuring. Thao Nguyen fronts this folk/alternative rock band whose first album came out in 2005. I always find it interesting when a band has been around for a while and yet not many have heard of them. Maybe that’s just in my circle, sadly. That’s why I love indie/alternative. The don’t usually go mainstream and if they do it’s worth waiting for.

Their most recent album, We The Common, was released in February 2013 and it has been one of my favorites this year.  I admire this about Thao’s strive to be a musician; “From a young age, Thao knew that she ‘would never be interested in a nine-to-five’ career. She started playing guitar at age 12, and began performing in high school as part of a pop-country duo with friend. Raised in Falls Church, Virginia with her single mother, she often practiced her songs while working at her mother’s laundromat. She often cites Lilith Fair as an inspiration for her desire to become a singer/songwriter. After recording an EP that differed from her initial style, she began performing as a soloist with her acoustic guitar.” – Wikipedia   Yet she still went to college to study sociology while pursuing her dreams of being a musician. What a great role model for girls!

I typically post live performances if possible, but this video for their hit song “We the Common” nicely blends the musician’s career while trying to remain “common folk”. I have been blasting this in my car on the way to work lately because it just puts me in the right mood to deal with the very challenging students I work with. Enjoy!

Their website can be found here. And I hear that they are touring with Neko Case in January 2014, another artist I need to feature.

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