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Photos Of The Day : Winter Reading Nooks

We have had our second snowfall here in Chicago and those who know me know that I don’t do very well in the winter. It’s just not in my bones. I have never been that kid that loves to play in the snow. Watch it fall from inside with a cup of hot chocolate while curling up with a good book? Now you are speaking my language. Here are some wintery reading nooks that could make these bone-chilling days bearable (all photos were found on Pinterest):


For those who like a little more industrial/contemporary sterile reading.


Yep, could do this.

 Cozy cottage reading, with a fire? Nice.


Maaaaybe. It’s a pretty cool nook. I’ll give them that.


I couldn’t pass up adding this unique nook. I’d feel like I was in a display case, though.


My favorite. Not because I would enjoy this. But this child’s enthusiasm for reading in her little snow-fort nook melts my heart.


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