Friday Feature: Little Green Cars


As obsessed as I am about books, I am equally obsessed with music. I like to link songs and stories together, talk about my music influences on Flashback Friday, and today am starting a new meme: Friday Feature. There are soooo many great new bands out there and I just love it. Like my TBR pile grows every day with books, my wish list of bands to see live grows and grows. My ipod is filling up quickly and making personal playlists is something I do for fun. Go ahead and mock. I can take it. I’ll even confess that I spend ridiculous amounts of time watching bands play live on the internet. There are just not enough hours in the day!

I support my children’s love for music, even if I do not always like their choices. I remember when my parents disliked me listening to heavy metal and Madonna. But my favorite music (as you might know) is alternative/indie/rock. I explain to my girls that while I appreciate Pop stars and their performances (hey, I liked Michael Jackson) I am drawn to musicians who play instruments and write beautiful, lyrical songs. There is a new, fantastic trend going on where more and more indie/alternative/folk/rock bands are emerging. Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters & Men, Laura Marling, The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers and Arcade Fire to name a few.

Little Green Cars is an Indie rock band from Dublin, Ireland and I am obsessed. No really, I am burning out the CD. Even my girls are crazy for them, as they are about all these new trending bands. Their voices are amazing, lyrics poetic and their harmonizing…well just listen for yourself.

It was very difficult picking the song to feature, so I went with “The John Wayne”, which was their first single released in the United States. And you probably are wondering what’s with the title “The John Wayne”? Here are their brilliant lyrics:

“You know it’s your neglect
is the reason that I’m so obsessed with you
And when I asked you your name you said John Wayne
And I guess it’s true
Coz then you shot me down
Doubled over and I hit the ground right in front of you
I guess in the Wild West
it’s ok to shoot the pest that’s annoying you”

~ “The John Wayne” by Little Green Cars

Okay, so I had to add another. “My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me” is one of those songs that makes you glad you bought the entire CD. While it is awesome to be able to purchase single tracks, I still enjoy letting an entire CD play through and finding that one song that is not being played on the radio but hooks you the first time.

Their first album, Absolute Zero was released on March 22, 2013. Check out their band site here.


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