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Chris Cornell concert update/review.

So how was it? Freaking amazing!! I choked up so many times, what a blubbering fool. Just to finally see him live since Badmotorfinger is one of those albums that changed my life – or had a major influence. A game changer. He played for almost two hours without a break and stripped down 30 songs from his solo career, Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog. His opening act Bhi Bhiman, Sri Lankan-American folk-rock artist, was a true entertainer and talented as well. Check out his music here.

So I couldn’t take audio or video but I scoured the internet to give you a little insight into what I was treated to. Enjoy!!

This was the second song he played – “Scar on the Sky” – from his solo album Carry On. This video is exactly what he looked like and had the same stage set-up.

He didn’t play any songs from Badmotorfinger which I was sad about. I am guessing they are too intense to make acoustic. He joked about that several times. But “Fell on Black Days” is such a fantastic song from Superunknown, which put them on the map. And this version with the ponytail/bun thing? Fine with me!

And then he followed that song with “Seasons” from the movie Singles. Cue more chills and sniffles. It was allergies, I swear! “Seasons” is definitely one of my all time faves. I think he was joking about Matt Damon’s ego centric character from Singles and what he would be thinking if that movie had a sequel today. Remember how Chris Cornell was in that movie? *Warning: explicit language*

Okay, most artists throw in a cover or two. But this song?! Again, one of my all time faves from an album that also was/is a game changer. “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley from that album, Legend. I know it’s a “best of” album and people frown on them. But. BUT, I played that album soooo much and it was my intro to the great Bob Marley and the rest is history. So when Chris Cornell covered it? Gah! Kill me. And cue the watery eyes.

And for the grand finale he came back on stage for an encore with “Blow Up the Outside World” from Soundgarden album, Down On the Upside. A beautiful ending to a beautiful concert. (Ben Shepherd was not there, though). The only thing that could have made it better was if Eddie Vedder made a surprise appearance for “Hunger Strike”. He couldn’t hide behind guitar riffs, drum solos, sound effects or light shows. He put it all out there and even though his voice is older it’s still the same soulful signature of Chris Cornell. What a talented musician and what an evening we had!


2 thoughts on “Chris Cornell concert update/review.

  1. I totally relate to this post. Sound garden and Chris Cornell were my favourite in the 90’s and seeing them in concert in I think 1995, in Sydney..awesome voice..and loved temple of the dog and even ‘singles’ movie.

    • We have great taste! I never got the chance to see Soundgarden, always seemed to miss them when they were in town. He is truly talented…hearing him by himself with an acoustic set was impressive. His voice is still amazing!

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