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Flashback to 1991. Two words: Chris Cornell


Flashback to 1991. It was the year that Nevermind by Nirvana and Ten by Pearl Jam came out. Two albums that changed my life. But hold up. Another band was making the scene. Oh, just a little band called Soundgarden. Yes they were more well known for their album Superunknown. The album that had commercial success and was considered their breakthrough album in 1994. Grammy nods and wins, yadda yadda. But I was a fan in 1991. When Badmotorfinger was released. I fell in love with that album and with Chris Cornell. I mean sure he is easy on the eyes but that voice? Seriously.

We all remember him like this, yes?
(from Chris Cornell Facebook page)

Christmas came early and I am going to see Chris in concert tonight! (Yes, we are on a first name basis) And the venue is no other than the beautiful Cadillac Palace Theatre in our lovely city of Chicago. Psyched!

Chris Cornell on current tour. And for our date. Tonight. Yea, not too shabby.
(photo from Chris Cornell Facebook page)

So, where was I? Oh, right. The concert tonight. So excited. Freaking out. I have waited 20 odd years to see him/Soundgarden in concert. His solo career is impressive and the acoustic sets I have seen online are proof that he is truly an artist and very talented. I can’t even imagine what his set list will be. Soundgarden songs? Solo endeavors? Covers? Compilations with other artists? Have you seen this one with The Avett Brothers? I really don’t care what he does. I just get to spend an evening with him.

So I tried to decide what video to share for Flashback Friday. But again it had to be from when we I first fell in love. “Rusty Cage” is one of my faves and from the album that started the obsession. I LOVED this video way back when. I wanted to jump in a mosh pit and thrash around. Yes, I was a headbanger. Now it’s on my workout playlist and I want to either run for miles or go to a kickboxing class. I guess it still causes angst. Watching it now I get all dizzy and nauseous from all the running and spinning. I’ll let you know how our date goes.

** Want to hear about our night together? Here is a recap.


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