New Music Releases News!

What is going on today? All these fantastic releases on one day.

First, I reviewed Emma Chapman’s debut thriller How To Be A Good Wife. Find your copy here at Amazon.

Then all the amazing music:

Paul McCartney’s new album in six years New.

The Avett Brothers’ Magpie and the Dandelion.

The Head and the Heart’s sophomore album Let’s Be Still.

Paul Simon’s compilation for 1964-2011 of Simon and Garfunkel classics and songs from his solo career, Over The Bridge of Time.

Pearl Jam’s highly anticipated tenth album, Lightning Bolt.

Just to name some of my favorites. But here is a link to New Releases Now to find some more of your favorite albums being released today.

Now enjoy one of the best musician mash-ups I have seen in a long time off of the new album, Magpie and the Dandelion titled Vanity. Well, maybe it’s because I lurve Chris Cornell. The Avett Brothers are one of my new favorite bands and this song is excellent but I have to say when Chris Cornell sings, I get goose bumps. And I love the guy in the audience behind Cornell who is fist pumping when he starts to rock out the lyrics. Enjoy!


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