Music Video: “Lost in My Mind” ~ The Head and the Heart

When I first heard this song, I cried. Not boo hoo tears pouring down my face but more of a choked up, emotional response to the words and the build up of tempo.

I immediately thought about myself and how I do “get lost in my mind” way too many times to count and how it’s been a battle to not overthink the many moments and decisions in life. But I also thought about some of my friends, family and students who struggle with mental illness on a daily basis.

I knew I would have to add this song to the blog same day when the right book came along and today is the day.

600 Hours of Edward is that book. Yes, Edward is obsessed with REM and Matthew Sweet and I could’ve used one of the songs mentioned in the book but that might have been too obvious. I love this song, this band and the title for both song and band. It’s kismet.

This beautiful song is one of many off of their expanded and re-released first self titled album in 2011. The anticipated sophomore album, Let’s Be Still will be released on October 15, 2013. Can’t wait! Find out more about The Head and the Heart and upcoming tour dates here—>


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